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Creating a New User | Manually Adding a User in the Backend

It’s easy to create a new applicant in Regpack on the back end (your admin portal). All you need is their email address to get started.

In an individual system, you’ll simply create a new user.

In a family system, you will create a new family, and from there can create as many sub-units as needed.

To begin, head over to your Users screen by selecting the “Users” button located below the Regpack logo.

Click on the yellow “Tools” button and then click the button titled “Create User”.

create new user in regpack system

At this point, the first form in your project will load and you can add the new user’s email address to finish setting up their account.

Once you have a selected a valid email, you can choose to set a password for them, or to have the system generate one.

If you have the system generate one for you, your user will be able to reset the password upon login by clicking “forgot password” and following the instructions in the forgot password email. You can find information on resetting your Regpack password here.

You can either complete the forms on behalf of the user, or you can provide them with their username and password and invite them to log in to complete their forms on the front end.

Adding a new user is a great way to take a registration over the phone, or get an account set up for a customer quickly since the system allows you to input their form information or to pass that task on to your user or family.

Once you create a new user or family, you can also manually add products and/or additional forms to their account at any point. To manually add a form to a user or family, check out this article. To add products, go here.