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Delete a Status

If you have users or a group of users with a specific status that you would like to remove, follow the steps below.

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the left and under the Regpack logo.

To remove the status from one individual user, simply click on the status of that user, and click “Remove status for this user” in the bottom left.

remove user status

Deleting a Status

If you would like to delete a status completely, you need to “Edit Statues”. You can do this from either “Tools” or by clicking the status of the individual user.

Once you click edit, you can then click “Edit Statuses” from the pop-up, as shown below.

edit statuses

A module will appear displaying all of the existing statuses in your project. Locate the status you would like to delete, and click “Edit”.

edit status 2

Once you click edit, a pop-up, below, will appear. In the bottom left corner, you can click “Delete Status”.

delete status

When you click “Delete Status”, the system will ask you to confirm your choice. Select “Yes” if you want to delete the status and “No” to keep the status.

In the case that users in your system are assigned the status you would like to delete, you will see another warning dialog letting you know that users assigned to the status you are deleting will now be set to no status. It will give you the number of users in your system with this status. If you’d like to continue deleting the status, simply click “Yes” and the system will delete the status.

You can also edit the status by renaming it, changing the color and selecting whether a user is archived in that status while in this dialog.

If you edit the status, be sure to click the green “Update” button in the bottom right when you’ve made your changes.