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Download Uploaded Content for Multiple Users

If your application process includes users uploading documents into their application, you would probably like to export the uploaded content at some point. It is possible to download uploaded content of multiple users all at once.

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located just below the Regpack logo.

Filter for and select the users that have completed the specific forms which contain the upload widget. Instructions on how to filter can be found here. You can filter for any user or group of users you’d like. It may make sense to filter by the completion of the form that the file upload field is on. This way you will only be viewing users who completed the mandatory fields on that form, including the file upload field, in order to avoid downloading blank files.

Select applicants by clicking on the square beside their name and click “View Forms.”

A list of all forms will appear in a pop-up. Simply select the form you would like to view (most likely the form you filtered for or the form that includes the upload widget).

Click Tools in the top right, then select “Download Form for All Users.”

This will open a prompt to download the forms.

The file will open as a PDF file in a new tab on your browser.  Now you can save the files to your desktop or other external hard drive and divide them if necessary.