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Edit Form Information for Multiple Users

You can edit applicant information on their form for one user or for multiple users. This is useful, especially when you need to adjust how a group of applicants answered a specific question.

In order to change the forms of multiple users, you need to first find the users you wish to edit. To begin, make sure you are in the User Management section of your project by clicking the “Users” button.

user management

Once you are looking at your list of applicants, find the specific ones you wish to alter. Select the users you want to make changes for by running a filter, then select all or pick the specific ones you want. You can filter on any data point in your system.

Once you select them, you can click the “View Forms” button above your users list.

view forms for multiple users

You can also view forms for a user or multiple users by clicking the “Tools” button and then clicking the “View Forms” option.

tools view form

After clicking “View Forms”, you will see a list of all of the forms in your project that apply to at least one of the selected users. You will also see the number of users who have access to each form listed. Find the form you would like to edit and select it.

select form for multiple users

Once you have selected which form to edit, you can start adjusting information. It will start with the first user of your selected group. Adjust the information and remember to click “Save Form” at the top. Then select your next applicant from the list on the left and make your next adjustment. Always remember to save your work.

editing user forms

There are a few more actions you can take when viewing the form of your selected group. By clicking “Tools” you’ll find download options, bulk form action options, as well as individual user actions, like sending an email, pulling a report, or adding a form/product.

tools in a user form