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Edit a User’s Form Information

If an applicant calls in and asks you to change something in one of their forms for them, you can! (You can also direct your applicant to make the change for themselves, if you have a login system and the form is not locked after submission. If your system does not require a login, then any update/change will have to be done by you, the admin, through the back-end.)

This is useful if you notice there has been a mistake or need to update some information. As a Super Admin or Assistant Admin you can update any field or form from the back-end (except for an e-signature).

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management section by selecting “Users”.

Use the search bar to find your desired applicant by searching their first name, last name, or email address.

Once the applicant has been located, click their status bar, which corresponds to how many mandatory forms they have completed.

By clicking their status bar, a panel should open on the right-hand side, with a form overview – what is complete or incomplete.

From here you can select the specific form you want to edit. The desired form should load, keeping the applicant’s profile on the right-hand side.

Click inside the form to edit, and then click “Save Form” at the top when done to update the information.

You can also navigate through several forms and adjust what is needed, navigate through the applicant’s profile on the right-hand side to send an email, and navigate through the applicant’s profile on the right-hand side to edit their cart details as well – all from this page.

Note by changing the fields in an applicant’s form, you are overriding their original answers and loosing the initial information. Your new reports and quick view information will also be updated.

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