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Remove Forms From a User


There are times when you may want to remove a form or forms from a user’s application. This will remove the form so they are not required to complete and cannot see it as well.


In order to remove a form from a user’s application, first make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo:



Click the user’s progress bar. The bar will be a specific color and filled to a specific amount. This indicates the amount of the application they are completed so far.



After clicking on the progress bar, a pop-up will appear with a list of that user’s forms. You will see a red, orange or green color next to each form, which indicates whether or not that form has been completed. You will also see “Admin Forms” on the right. In order to remove a form from the user, click “Delete Form” in the bottom left corner.


delete form


This will allow you to select which form(s) to remove from the specific user’s registration. Click the red x next to the form(s) you want to remove.


delete user forms


After, hit “Yes” to confirm the form removal (the form name will be grayed out). Click “Delete Forms” to remove all of the grayed forms.


The removed form(s) will no longer appear in that user’s application.


If you would like to delete a form all together, head over to Settings —> Forms up at the top. Hover over the form you’d like to delete and click “Edit”.


This will pop-up the edit tool, where you can quickly delete the form in the bottom left.


remove forms


You will get a delete “warning” to confirm the deletion. You have the option to deactivate a form as well. Here is the difference:


  • Deleting a form will also delete all information entered by applicants.
  • Deactivating a form will prevent the form from being added to new users. Applicants that have this form already, will still have access to it and you will have the information.