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Remove Forms From a User

There are times when you may want to remove a form (or forms) from a user (or group of users)’s registration process. By removing a form they will no longer be able to view or complete the form, and you as the admin will no longer be able to filer or report on the information inside those forms for those users or that user.

Note:  If you add back a previously removed form, it will return with the previously entered data.

In order to remove a form (or forms) from a user (or group of users)’s application, first make sure you are on the User Management page by selecting  “Users”.

user management

Find the specific user – you can use the search bar – or find the specific group of users – you can use the filter tool to narrow your focus by products ordered, answer given, balance due, ect… Once you find the user (or group of users), you can either click the status bar of the user or select “Tools” and then”Remove Forms from Users”.

If you select the status bar of one user, a side panel will open up with a list of their forms. Hover over the desired form you would like to remove and then click “Remove”.

user management remove form

Note: the user’s progress bar will be a specific color and filled to a specific amount, based on how far they have answered your mandatory registration forms. This indicates the amount of the application they have completed so far.

If you select a group of users, click the “Tools” button and the “Remove Forms from Users” under the Forms section. Then you’ll decide which form or forms to remove from those users.

remove forms option

If you would like to delete a form from your system all together, you will have to navigate to Settings > Forms. From there hover over the desired form and click “edit”, which should bring up a side panel. Just click “Delete Form” at the bottom.

delete form

You will get a delete “warning” to confirm the deletion. It will notify you of how many users have answered questions in the form you wish to delete – you will loose that information if you continue. You have the option to un-trigger a form instead, so it will not appear to your users. Here is the difference:

  • Deleting a form will also delete all information entered by applicants.
  • Un-tirggering a form will is essence deactivate the form, preventing the form from being added to new users. Applicants that have this form already, will still have access to it and you will have the information.