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How to Search for a User

It’s easy to search for and find a specific user in your Regpack system.

Note that if you want to find a group of users, please try the “Filter” button instead.

Make sure you are in the “Users” section of your project, by clicking “Users”.

user management

The search bar should be at the top of your screen.

search bar

You can search by first name, last name, or email  to find any of your applicants.

After you have typed the name you are searching for hit enter. Your search results will appear in the User Management Screen.

In a family system, you can search by the first and last name of any parent/head-unit or child/sub-unit. The results will show all matching results to your search query from your user list.

Note that you cannot search on criteria beyond first name, last name, or email address. For example, you cannot type in “New York” and find all users who have New York in their application. As noted below, you can easily filter for specific users with specific data criteria that you have collected.

If you cannot locate the specific user you want, you can try to filter your user list using the criteria your user matches. That may include age, gender, location information, and more.

To filter your users, simply click the “Filter” button at the top of your user list, and then click “Filter Options” to create a new filter search. You can save the filter to use again if you would like. You can filter for users by:

  • Application information including application date, date of more recent action, application complete and more.
  • Ordered products and services (including waitlists)
  • Which admin the user is assigned to
  • User status (including archived statuses)
  • Payments (including users who have a balance due, who have paid something, or needs to be refunded)
  • Super Star designations
  • Auto billing
  • Forms (including users who have complete or incomplete forms)
  • Fields (including fields inside admin forms)