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Selecting Users in User Management

To begin selecting users in the “Users” module, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the left, and under the Regpack logo.

user mang

Individual entries have a check box located on the far left of their registration panel.

select multiple users

Clicking the box selects the individual users.

You can select all users, one user, or users on that page.

Searching for and Filtering Users

If you would like to find a specific user or users, simply search for what you are looking for.

For one user, you can search their name, email or any other identifying data point.

search bar

You can also filter to find a user or users who match a certain criteria, including by status, forms completed, products pair and/or ordered, and more.

Read more about how to use the Filter tools here.

Once you select the user or users you want, you can perform a number of actions in the system, including: