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Star Labels


Stars give you a quick way to identify users, and can be searched for using filters (similar to statuses).


To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo.



To the left of the user’s name are the star labels. Click once for a yellow star, and then again for blue, red, green, and once more to clear the star label. ​


Users with star designations can be filtered and you can also sort users by their star rating.


Note that star labels are per admin not per project. This means that if you mark a user with a blue star, only you can see that blue star. If you would like to label a user in a way that all admins can view it, then you would use a status, not a star label.


Star Labels


If you click the drop-down at “Sort by” you will see that “Family Stars” (in a family system) or “Stars” (in an individual system) is an option and it will sort your users based on their star designation. It will sort initially by users WITH stars but you can click “Sort by” and “Stars” again to reverse the order for users without a star first.


Uses for Star Labels


There are many ways you can use star labels to help keep organized. Since star labels are only for you to see, they can be a great addition to your organization in addition to statuses.


Some ideas include:


  • Marking a user you have called and/or emailed
  • Marking a user who has or has not completed a specific form or payment.
  • Using stars while planning out table, cabin or counselor assignments as there are 5 star colors to choose from.
  • Segment users in any way you need!