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Troubleshooting a Duplicate Registration

Users are prevented from creating an account using the same login email as a safeguard against duplicate accounts. If a user registers with two different email addresses, follow these steps to eliminate the duplicate account.

First, which email was used for each account? Even if they used the same email on their forms, the login email is unique. You can determine the login email using a report.

Go to settings –> reports –> edit fields on an existing report or create a new one –> add field –> Username / Email applicant registered with.

You can view the user’s responses to the report questions by clicking on their name in user management and selecting reports from the side panel.

Next, determine which account to keep. We recommend using the account that has payments already processed, if relevant. If both have payments associated with them, choose one. This is the most important information that a user will have (in terms of the bottom line), so generally, the application that has had payments made (or the most payments made) is the one you will want to preserve. The user can log in and update any information they’d like so the account has all of their information.

What if the user wants to use one login email for the other account? These are edits that the user should make on their own. Direct the user to log into their account with the email they’d like to use –> hit settings –> change their login email to a dummy email address. Next, they should log into their other account –> hit settings –> change their login email to the correct email address.

The admin can then archive the duplicate account. To learn how to archive a user, click here.

What do I do if payments were made in both accounts?

Don’t worry, any funds collected through the system will go into your account, even though archived users do not count towards funds collected or products ordered. If the user’s payments need to be transferred to the correct account, you can process a manual payment to represent the funds for their balance.

Manual payments are intended to represent financial transactions that occur outside of the system, like cash or paper check payments, but in this case they can take the place of an electronic payment that has been archived.

Process the payment by clicking on the center number in user management –> process payment –> list manual payment. You can add a comment to the user’s account explaining the situation if desired by clicking on the user’s name then the comments tab. To see a full step by step on how to process a payment, read this article.