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Troubleshooting a Duplicate Registration


Sometimes your users will register once, and, for whatever reason, will register again with another email. In this case, a duplicate registration has been created.


When you have a duplicate registration, there are procedures you can take to troubleshoot for your user and resolve the issue, but it starts with eliminating any confusion on your end. Here are the steps you’ll want to take:


1) You’ll want to first determine which users have created a duplicate registration.


2) Navigate to the Reports section, under “Settings” up at the top.



3) Create a report titled “Log in Email”. Be sure to set it as a “Quick View” report.



4) Add the users first name, last name, contact email, and the login email. The login email is located on the form called SYSTEM FIELDS, and it is crucial that this is added to the report.


Note: the contact email is the email that your users enter on the “Applicant information page”, and is NOT necessarily the same as their login email.




5) When you are finished adding fields to your report, click the green button up at the top, “That’s it I’m done adding fields” to save your report. Then return to the “Users” tab.



6) Look in each of the duplicate applicant’s quick views to see the results of the report you just created. To access the quick view report, just click on the user’s name. This will give you the email address associated with each of their applications. In a duplicate registration, these will not, and can not, be the same email.


duplicate registration


7) Here is where you have to use some judgment. Now you need to determine which registration should be the one they will move using forward. The rule of thumb for making this distinction is to see which application has payments made on it. This is the most important information that a user will have (in terms of the bottom line), so generally, the application that has had payments made (or the most payments made) is the one you will want to preserve.


8) At this point, you must go back to the user with the email address they should log in with. If they can and are willing to use the email address associated with the correct account, then all you need to do is send them a password reset and they will be able to log back in. Sometimes they may not have access to the old email address, and, in this case, you can either offer them the other duplicate registration’s email address or we can have the email address changed to the correct one.


Note: If you need us to change an email address, send us the user’s name, old email, and which email should be used moving forward.


9) Now you need to do some cleanup. Now that your users are all using the correct accounts to log in, you can make the duplicates obsolete by…


  • Removing any products they may have (assuming no payments were made on them. If this is the case, let us know and we’ll guide you through)
  • Set their status to excluded