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Troubleshooting User Log In Issues

If a user is having trouble logging in, there are five potential reasons:

1) Their login email is incorrect.

Make sure you go into the system, find the user in the user management tab, click on their name, and review the quick view info report that lists their “Username/Email User Registered With”.

If you have not created a quick view report, you can do so by creating a quick view report and adding the system field “Username/Email User Registered With”.

Then confirm with the user that they are logging in with the correct email address.

user management quick view

2) The password is incorrect.

Make sure you instruct them on how to send themselves a forgot password email.

Have the user go to the front end of the system, click log in, click forgot password, and then they can enter their email there. This will prompt an email to be sent to their email so they can reset their password.

forgot password

3) They are logging in to the wrong site.

Make sure you provide them with the correct URL that they should be logging in to.

4) There is something about the users specific browsing experience which is not “agreeing” with the system.

Although we work well with all the major browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc…), you NEED to ensure that these browsers are up to date. Instruct your user to update their browser or try an alternate browser.

Note: We do not support Internet Explorer any more. (Microsoft has not supported Internet Explorer since January 12, 2016)

5) There is a system error.

This is the least likely, but a system error would imply that all of your users would have trouble logging in.  This could mean that there is either a glitch of some sort or that an admin has mistakenly removed the log-in/register widget in the system forms.

We advise that admins only enter the system forms if they are trying to add an instructional free text field.  Remember that a system error will be system-wide, so if you have other users who are logging in without error, then you will need to address the other potential reasons in order to assist your user as the issue is not a system error.

As always, you can click the “Help” section in your system to email our Support Team.