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User Tags

User tags is a great tool for organizing and grouping your users in your Regpack project.

create new tag

Similar to our status tool, you can assign a tag to a user or group of users.

Unlike our status tool, you can attach more than 1 tag to a user at any given moment. In a group system, tags can be attached to any head-unit or sub-unit.

You can also filter by user tags to easily find a group of users and then perform any action on them like adding a product, sending them an email, or running a report.

filter by tags

To create a new tag, simply click on the tag icon next to a user, to the left of the star icon.

create new tag

Click “Create new tag” at the bottom, and then set the name and color for the tag. You can also edit any existing tags this way as well, simply click “Edit Tags” to the left of “Create New Tag (shown above).

create tag with color

As with anything in Regpack, simply select one or multiple users and you can add the tag in bulk, as shown in the video at the top.

You can easily edit a tag by clicking on the tag icon, then click “Edit Tag”. You can change the name and the color of the tag.

edit tag

You’ll be able to see the tag in the side panel underneath the user’s name.

In the User Management view, the tag icon will show the number of tags the user has associated with their record. If no tags are assigned, no number will show.

tags with numbers

To remove a tag from a user, simply open the user side panel (as shown in the Gif at the top), hover over the tag you want to delete, and then click the “X” that appears.

remove tag