Purchase Protection with Regpack

Keep your money with Purchase Protection. For FREE.

What is Regpack Purchase Protection?
Regpack Purchase Protection is a FREE optional add-on your applicants can purchase to protect their order. Should a situation arise that prevents the applicant from attending the event or program, they can file a claim through Regpack and receive reimbursement of their purchase price.

What does offering Regpack Purchase Protection to my applicants cost me?
Nothing! This is an option offered by Regpack to all Regpack applicants. Like all of our other features in Regpack, there is no extra cost for you to enable and offer Purchase Protection to your applicants. Payment for Regpack Purchase Protection is made by the applicant.

How do I enable Purchase Protection in my system?
When logged in to the Admin backend, click “Settings” at the top, and then “Project Settings”. Click on the “Purchase Protection” tab to get started. You will be guided through the setup process, which is 3 simple steps.

Once you enable Purchase Protection, your applicants will be able to add it to their cart at checkout.

When can my applicant file a claim for Regpack Purchase Protection?
Qualified claims include illness or death of an applicant or their immediate family member.

Any claim submitted that meets these conditions must include a doctor’s note. Qualified claims include illness or death of the applicant or the applicant’s immediate family.

Immediate family is defined as husband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother, or sister.

When can an applicant purchase Regpack Purchase Protection?
Regpack Purchase Protection can be purchased by an applicant upon checkout. The option to add the service will be presented and paid for at the same time as the rest of the order.

What is the cost of Regpack Purchase Protection?

The cost of Regpack Purchase Protection is a small percentage of the applicant’s total eligible order. The system calculates this amount based on a unique algorithm that identifies risk factors of each individual applicant.

Who qualifies for Regpack Purchase Protection?
Every applicant who registers using the Regpack service qualifies for Regpack Purchase Protection.

Do applicants have to pay in full or can they pay in installments?
Payment for Regpack Purchase Protection is due in full once it is added to the applicant’s cart.

If registering and you are selecting an auto bill plan, the Purchase Protection will be paid on the first installment.

If an applicant does not purchase Regpack Purchase Protection during their registration, can they come back and purchase at a later date?
Yes, Regpack Purchase Protection can be purchased at any point before the start of the event or program.

Can Regpack Purchase Protection be canceled?
Regpack Purchase Protection cannot be canceled once purchased. Payment for the Purchase Protection plan is due once added to the applicant’s cart.

What will the transaction on a bank/credit card statement look like for Regpack Purchase Protection?
The Purchase Protection charge will appear as PurchaseProtection on the applicant’s bank statement.

How does an applicant file a claim?
Applicants can file a claim by logging into their Regpack account and clicking the “File a Claim” link next to their purchase.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?
Most claims for Regpack Purchase Protection are processed within 10 business days.

If an applicant’s claim is rejected, can applicants still get a refund?
If a claim is rejected because it does not meet the criteria of the Regpack Purchase Protection policy, the purchase price cannot be refunded.

Is there any additional work for me? Do I have to collect doctor’s notes and assist in claims? 

There is NO additional work for you. All you need to do is enable the feature in your project. Applicants can initiate a claim themselves by logging in to their registration account and clicking the “File a Claim” link on their dashboard.

At that point, the protection company will respond to the applicant for the remainder of the claims process. Most claims are processed within 10 business days.

Here is an FAQ  you can send to your applicants.