Who are we?

by Samantha,

Regpack CEO Asaf Darash created Regpack out of 7 years worth of research for his Ph.D., which focused on computer languages and network protocols. The research looked at structures that exist in computer languages and computer networks. One of the main findings was that the #1 problem of the computer in general is the “private language problem”. This is the problem that causes computers to be so powerful and so complicated at the same time. In essence as long as you can make something consistent the computer is able to understand it. The causes situations where programmers create closed logic entities.

The way to deal with this is either through standardization or through embracing the problem and creating a situation where there are no constants but only variables that constantly change. The latter is a more long term solution. When looking to find this structure in databases it was not possible to find. As an academic exercise Darash created such a database just to see if it was possible. Later the research was turned into a software product was at first just to see if the theory worked in practice.

Guess what? It worked! Actually really well. Now the question was did any organization or field need such a solution. Darash checked what was the most under served market due to technological barriers and found the registration field. This field has multiple organizations, each asking very different questions and with very different logic.

When registration software buyers looked for a solution before 2010 (when Regpack was founded) the question was how much of their needs the software did not meet. If it was 20-30% it was considered a good software! So Regpack set out to change that! Regpack had the technology to create a software that was flexible to meet 100% of the needs of any organization, at a price that every organization could afford.

Regpack began as a 3 person team turning research into a real life solution for organizations looking to improve their registration process. Today, Regpack has over 5,000 clients and counting.

We strive daily to build the best registration system out there and give the best support to our clients. Our focus is always on what we can do to serve our clients best, so that they can do the important work of running their business! Regpack has grown and evolved over the years because we have listened to our clients registration problems and adapted the system so that Regpack is the ultimate solution for their problems.


What is Regpack?

Regpack is an online registration software that creates intelligent application processes with integrated payment processing.

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