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Creating Online Registration Forms in Regpack

In this video we’ll review the basics of building a form in your registration. To get to the form page, click Settings and forms.

First we’ll create a form. At this point you’ll be confronted with the form window. For now, just select a category and give your form a name. We’ll come back to the form options in a
later section. Now you have a blank form and it’s time to add fields. Clicking the “Add field” button displays a number of options. As an example though, let’s explore the most common field: the multiple choice question. Let’s look at how to customize this field.

First, write your question and your answer in the text boxes. You can add or remove answer choices by clicking add or the “x” next to the choice. Want to hide an option that you bring back later or that you still want a report? Clicking the eye will hide the field from your users but retain all the information that field has gathered. You can make a field mandatory by clicking the red asterisk. This will ensure that the user must answer the question for a form to be considered complete.

Now things get interesting. Clicking options will provide you with a number of different options for the field and these features are unique for each field. For multiple choice you have the option to make the question a drop-down, a radio, or a check box. After we used copy field, you can see three different versions of the same multiple choice question. The first, a drop-down, the second, a radio, and the third, the check box.

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