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Frequently Asked Questions about Regpack Registration Support

In this video, we’ll discuss the various avenues for receiving assistance with your system.

Your system is a big place, and we encourage you to explore all of it – along the way you’ll run into questions.

The first place we’d advise you to go for help is support center, which you can access by clicking the help tab, up at the top. Here, you can find articles or videos on a wide range of topics, and very often you’ll be able to find answers to your questions just by searching through these materials.

If you’ve searched the instructional materials, but still can’t sort out the issue, then you’ll want to send an email to our support team, which you can reach at “”

Here are some key points about our support process:

Expect a response within 24 hours

Our support staff works hard to make sure your email is addressed promptly. Often you’ll receive responses the same day, but they work hard to ensure that you are addressed within 24 hours at the most. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances, however, which brings us to our second key point:

Indicate severity of issue in subject

Our support team scans support often for urgent requests, so when you send in your email, make sure the subject clearly indicates the nature of the problem and also captures the urgency of the request. For instance, if your system has EXPLODED, then please make sure you put URGENT in the subject. If you’re running against a hard deadline, a “Time sensitive” would work. Otherwise, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’ve heard back from us within 24 hours.

Be specific

Aside from that, there is one important thing you can do to ensure that your problems get resolved quickly.

Be Detailed!

Let’s say you tried triggering an email, but when you made a test user, you didn’t receive the email like you expected. In your email to support, you’ll want to include…

The name of the project you’re working in
The name of the email template you are trying to send
The name of a sample user you expected to receive the email
And a brief description of how the trigger was supposed to work, and who should receive it.

By providing details, as well as the general context, the support agent will quickly be able to orient themselves in your project, investigate the issue, and let you know how to proceed!

4) Don’t be shy!

Supports job is to help you take ownership of your system. We want you to understand your project as best you can, so feel free to come to us with questions – not only problems!

5) Feature requests

If you ever come up with ideas for improvements, or if you keep hearing things from your clients, we welcome your input and criticism! Many features that you use in the system actually came from previous suggestions, and we are always excited to improve ourselves.

Once a feature is requested, a case is made and reviewed by the development team – ones that get the go ahead are put into a development cue based on priority, and new features will be communicated via email to all of our admins.

Hope this helps! Feel free to send in any questions, and as always, thanks for watching

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