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Managing Groups of Users in Regpack

There are two main steps to managing users in bulk – first you target the applicant group you want to work with, and then you perform your action.

Once you run a filter, you can save it, give it a name, assign a category, and then it will show up on the list of saved filters. To the right, recent filters will show up for quick reference. Clicking advanced mode will let you create a new filter.

The “Application” category is helpful if you want to filter on general features of an application, such as when people applied or whether they’ve finished or not.
The “Ordered Products / Services” category quickly lets you isolate users who did or did not order, pay for, or have a product locked in their cart
The “Assigned to admin” category lets you filter for users who have been assigned to a specific admin. The “Status” category lets you search by status’s you’ve tagged your users with
The “Payments” category can help you isolate applicants at various stages of payment
The “Super stars” category lets you see users you’ve previously starred
The “Schedules” category lets you identify users who selected specific time units or time units within a category.
The “Forms” category is helpful when you want to know who has or has not completed, reviewed, or had a form locked
And the “Fields” category is a list of all the filterable fields in your system, and here you can search for applicants who provided a specific answer to a question.

To add a filter condition, you just click the green plus and the option will add in the column to the right.

If you have multiple conditions, you’ll want to set your logic – either choose whether all of the conditions above need to be true, or if you just want to see applicants who meet any one of the conditions.

You can include archived users in the filter as well by checking the box, but otherwise just click “apply filter” when you’re done.
Under “forms” you can add, remove, or change the form status for multiple users.
Under “status” you can star, remove stars, or change their status
Under “assign” you can assign or unassign users to an admin
And under “Orders” you can add products

Add products, as well as some other important actions are located up to the right – click add products, choose the product you’d like to add, and click update when you’re done.

Clicking view forms will let you tab through a form for all of your selected users. You can click edit on a user’s form to unlock it and make changes, click save when you’re done, and then tab to the next form. Additionally, you are able to download these forms by clicking the “download form for all users button” – this is particularly useful if you want to download an attachment for all of your applicants, and it will export as a zip file.

Make sure when sending messages that you choose the right level to send it through – the key to choosing the right level is tokens, which was discussed in another video. If the emails include *any* child-level tokens, then you need to choose the child applicants, and an email will be sent on behalf of each child selected. Otherwise, you can select the parent applicants – click send message, once you’ve chosen.

Now, just select the template you’d like to send. Once you’ve chosen, you can click on a user’s email if you’d like to adjust a specific user’s message – if you want to make changes to the initial email, you’d just go back to settings, emails and edit the template.

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