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Managing Online Registration Payments in Regpack

In this video, we’ll review the payments tab and show you how to navigate it.

Because payments your applicants make are so important, we’ve created a separate tab to help you manage them.

Let’s review some of the key features.

First, we’ve given you a number of tools to help you isolate applicants with things in common, including the search bar up at the top, the filter button, and the payments, upcoming, and errors tab.

To search for a single user, just enter either the first or last name of the person who made the payment.

To isolate groups of applicants with things in common, you can click the green filter button.

The filter has two modes, simple and advanced mode, which you can switch between by clicking the tab on the far right.

Once you run a filter, you can save it, give it a name, assign a category, and then it will show up on the list of saved filters. To the right, recent filters will show up for quick reference. Clicking advanced mode will let you create a new filter.

Let’s click advanced mode, and take a look around.

To the left, you can choose your conditions from the categories, to the right, you can review and remove your conditions, and below you configure the logic and run the filter.

Let’s break down the categories first –

The “General” category lets you group users by general characteristics, such as payments within certain amounts or certain time frames

The “Payment Type” category lets you group applicants by payment method

The “Payment Vendor” category lets you group applicants by vendor, where the name of your vendor will pull up all electronic payments

And finally the “payment status” category

Means the vendor has confirmed the payment
Payment was declined after approval (sometimes ACH payments can be
cancelled if the details entered on the check are incorrect)
means the vendor tries to collect funds but is unable to
Whether this payment has been submitted previously or is part of a future
Whether a refund has been submitted, either electronic or manual
a pending status, will be approved or declined once vendor processes the

To add a condition, click on a category, mouse over the condition, and click the green plus.

In the window to the right you can review and remove conditions, and, if you have multiple conditions, you’ll want to set your logic – either choose whether all of the conditions above need to be true, or if you just want to see applicants who meet any one of the conditions.

Click apply filter when you’re done.

You can further group your users by clicking one of the tabs. “Payments” will show all users who meet the current filter conditions, “Upcoming” will show all the future payments due for applicants who have selected a payment schedule, and “Errors” will show any issue which occurred with your applicants payments.

Although payment errors can arise from a number of causes, generally, there are two main types.

“User Errors” arise when an applicant enters something incorrectly during the course of checkout, and often a user will be able to resolve this on their own.

“Processing errors” are a bit more complicated, and typically occurs when the details entered can’t be processed because vendor flags the payment – examples include suspected fraud, insufficient funds, or other general declines from processor.

Feel free to send any questions you have about payment errors to the payments team at

Otherwise just select the tab you’re interested in. Now that you’ve grouped your users, you have a couple of actions you can perform – if you click the blue icon, you can export the current user selection to a spreadsheet, or you can click “download payment reports” to create a more indepth report. Please watch our reporting video for a more in depth view of reporting in the system.

Finally, you are able to click “view in user management” to show the current selection of applicants in user management, at which point you can send messages, edit their forms, and more.

And that’s the payment tab!

If you have any questions about the payments tab, feel free to send them to, and as always – thanks for watching.

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