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Introduction to Regpack School


Welcome to the Regpack school series. Over the next few we’re going to cover the ins and outs of the Regpack system. For today we’ll start small though, just take a look around.

Regpack has two main parts: the front end, which your applicants will be using and the back end which you and your other team members will be using. Let’s start by taking a look at the front end. Here it is on our template site, which you can use if you don’t want to embed us on your website. See that grey window? It’s really just a string of code, which you can embed into your website. The results look seamless and embedding the code should only take about two minutes.

Let’s go ahead and keep the front end open in one browser and go check out the back end of the system in another browser. Why another browser? Because the system doesn’t let you be in
both sections on the same browser to ensure data integrity. The back end is where you’ll manage your users and make changes to your applicants registration process. The back end is organized into four tabs: the user tab is where you’ll manage individual users, edit their carts update their forms, send out emails, and generally explore your user base.
The payments tab is where you can review all of the payments in your system. Filter by payment method, run reports and so on.
The Settings tab is where you can design your registration process and manage the functionality of your system. You can configure products, reports, emails, forms schedules and much more.

The fourth tab will take you to the Support Center. Here you’re able to search key terms to pull up helpful articles and videos. You’ll be able to answer a lot of your questions just by searching through this database.

Seems like a lot? Don’t worry! This series of lessons will cover how everything works and once your project manager has your system ready to go, you’ll get to have your system reviewed
and questions answered during a session with one of our trainers. Until then, feel free to email support with any questions you have.

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