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Setting Up Regpack Products

To create a product, you can click create new product, but when adding products to your system, I’d recommend you use this trick – find a similar product, check it, and then copy it – then you can click the pencil to make a few adjustments.

On the product options window, first you’ll want to edit the category, name, price, and add a brief description of the product.

Below, you can check “Can only be ordered once” so that only one of the product can be added to the applicant’s cart. When this option is selected a little “1” will appear on the product frame. Leaving it unchecked will give them to choose the amount they order, and won’t have an icon.

The “Available to users for selection” box lets you control whether an applicant can see products on the product selection widget or not. Keeping it checked means applicant can see it, and unchecked means they won’t see it. This is a great way to quickly hide products from your applicants.

Under product locking settings,
You can check “Lock for changes once paid” to ensure that your applicants can’t remove the product from their cart after they have paid for it.

Checking the box next to “Lock once added to cart” will prevent your applicant from removing the product after selecting it.

Since you have a family based system you will also see Product type category, and it’s important to set this up correctly. You have two levels, parent and child. Each level can have a product widget placed on one of the forms. You want the product type to correspond to whichever form level has the product selection widget.

In the Availability & Expiration category, you can set when a product will become available for selection or when it should become unavailable. A product with an availability or expiration date will display the month date and year in an icon on the product frame. Note that if you set the product to expire on the fifth, then it would be available until 11:59 on the fourth Chicago time.

Both will show the remaining slots until it is sold out, and a sold out message once the quota has been reached. If you want to disable this feature, make sure to contact support and let them know.

Setting a “Items that users have ordered” quota will show a sold out sign when the number of applicants who ordered the product reaches the quota. The order quota will appear next to the first number on the product frame.

Setting a “ Items that users have actually paid for” quota will show a sold out sign when the number of applicants who have paid for the product in FULL reaches the quota. The paid-for quota will appear next to the second number on the product frame.

When you have a quota you also have the option of allowing people to list themselves on a waitlist. Click “allow waitlist” to activate this option, and it will automatically appear whenever your product sells out.

The last option only appears If the price of your product is zero, and you will see a special option that allows you to present a message instead of zero dollars, which may be a bit easier on the eyes.

Finally, to delete a product, click delete at the bottom left and confirm the deletion – otherwise, click “update product” when you are done!

To start triggering, mouse over a product and click the trigger button.

Choosing “Show or Do not show product in user’s product list” controls whether your applicants see it or don’t see it on the product selection widget.

Choosing “Add product to user’s cart and hide from others” means that only the applicant will receive the triggered product, while “Add product to user’s cart and show to others” means that everyone else will also be able to see it on the product selection widget.

The last option is commonly used in conjunction with an admin product to allow the admin to override the set conditions and manually add the product to a applicant.

Either click fields and scroll down to find your answer, or start typing any part of the question in the search bar. Once you find your answer choice, click it, and click the correct answer to add it to your list of conditions. Click “that’s it” when you’re done.

You’ll see a lightning bolt next to triggered products, and you can click on it to review your trigger at a glance.

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