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Testing Your Regpack Registration System

In this video we’ll review the whys and hows of testing your system. Getting in there and testing your system puts you in the shoes of the applicant. It will improve your understanding of the system with every run through and the better you understand it, the sooner you can have a great set up ready for your applicants.

Let’s go to the front end and get started. Enter an email and password. Note how the system indicates the applicant that they filled out a field correctly. If a mistake is made, the system tells them the issue in real time so they can correct it right away. After you register the system takes you straight to the first form and you can start filling in the application. Begin filling out the forms as if you are an applicant and as you go through the process, you may find things you’ll want to change. For instance, let’s say there’s a typo in the terms of the agreement. The first step is to look for the name of the form up at the top left of the page in bold. Once you know where the issue is, then you can go address it.
So head over the back end and open it in a different browser. Remember if you use the same browser the system log you out of the front to ensure data integrity. Now you know the issues on a form, but where are those? We keep all the system-wide changes you can make in one spot under: the Settings tab. So go to Settings, Forms and then scroll down to find the name of the form. Once you’ve found it, mouse over the name. You’ll notice several options appear. For now, click Edit fields to edit the form. Locate your field, click on the text you want to edit, start typing. Once we save the form, the change will automatically apply system-wide.

Let’s go back over the front end and make sure that the change worked. Just refresh your browser by clicking the Refresh button near search bar and navigate back to the form. Confirm that your change has been made and then keep going.  Agree to the e-signature and then click go to next step. This will take you to the next form.

In this case, it’s where your applicants can order various products and services. Let’s say you notice a product with the wrong price. Problem? You just go to that form, right? Now you’d think that in order to change the price you’d go to the form where they select the product, click Edit fields and then make changes. But when you get there you’d only see a widget. Because products are complex units that have prices, quotas, wait list options and a lot more connected to them, they have their own special place so you can work on them more efficiently. And then the results of your changes will show up for the users wherever that product widget is placed. So in order to change the price you go to Settings, products, mouse over the product, click the pencil. You can see from the various options that you have quite a bit of control of your products and we’ll break these options down later. For now though let’s just change it to the correct price, confirm the change and go back to the front end of the system and you get the picture.
If you have any questions as you go through and test your system, check out Support Center or contact us at

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