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Making registration quick and easy is essential.

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Get groups registered fast!

Making registration quick and easy is essential, especially for groups or families. Group registration allows one person to register multiple people for your event quickly.

Group registration can net you 26% more paying attendees! It’s an essential feature for organizations registering groups of people or families to their events.

Group registration saves time, and makes the registration process easy, simple and straightforward. Many registration software options don’t offer this functionality. Lucky for you, Regpack does!

Each account has a built-in relationship with the Head Unit and associated sub units. The head unit creates an account and then the system prompts adding additional sub units. For payments, a head unit pays the fees for their sub units. This is great for companies or families registering multiple people at the same time.

Our conditional logic technology makes group registration intuitive and functional. Our system is structure with one head unit and unlimited sub units underneath. This allows the group to have one main head unit (the company, the parent) and then add sub units on, filling out only the information specific to each sub unit and not an entirely new application for every user. This is where the time savings really comes into play!

The support for me is just the home run.

I haven’t experienced a system that is as seamless to integrate, that is as robust, as what Regpack offers.
avatar Daniel Sourani Coordinator of Israel Engagement and Diller Teen Fellows Program, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto