Merchandise Ordering

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Easily add products and sell merchandise before your event begins, including t-shirts, sweaters, memorabilia and more! Create any product that can be added to your user’s cart. This way they can plan their orders ahead of time and have reporting on what needs to be ordered and to who to deliver to.

Regpack makes it easy to create, add and edit products you offer to applicants in your registration. There are many helpful settings for products as well, including quotas and triggers, so applicants can see what is available and applicable for them.

If you see a lot of merchandise, you can easily organize and group your products into categories for more organization. You can also set quotas, triggers or other settings on entire categories, in addition to individual products, to make your setup quick and easy!

Flexible, easy to use software for complex scheduling events.

I've used Regpacks for over three years and have been impressed by the rapid updates that have made it irreplaceable for our organization. Regpacks has made it easy to set up, embed the site in our website, track and then report on our participants. Can't recommend this highly enough.
avatar Julie Sall Newton Schools Foundation