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Regpack can be used for a lot of things - from application management to internal process control. All for the same great price.

Only pay for REAL applicants!

In your applicant count we only include applicants who are REAL! You decide who is in the count and who is not!

Part time Admins - $1/hr

Grant viewing administrators edit privileges and pay by the hour!

Guests are always FREE

Help your team collaborate! Give people access to view data at no cost! Regpack's powerful permission engine ensures you will give them access only to what they are allowed to see.

Here's what you get

Exactly your process (automated)

Create a great form in minutes with built-in widgets and field types, then optimize it over time with A/B testing and smart fields.

the power of conditional logic

Show every applicant just the services, sessions, and statuses they care about, so the application process feels as if it was built especially for them.

invisible backups

Regpack seamlessly backs up all of your data periodically so always have the latest information available for each one of your applicants and you never have to worry about lost data.

unbeatable service

Regpack account managers are here for you every step of the way. They are available for as much assistance as you need, from quick questions to overall strategies.

insightful reporting

Run reports on any combination of every form and field, so that everyone gets to see the information they need (and nothing they don't).

bulletproof security

All communication is always encrypted so you and your applicants are always in the clear. This bank level security you know that none of your applicants data will ever reach the wrong hands.

automated communication

Send personal emails or bulk newsletters to keep your applicants informed, excited, and connected.

integrated payments

Receive payments during registration rather than post-registration. On average our clients get paid 14-21 days faster.

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Client Testimonials:


"Regpack has changed the way we work. Now we can all stay updated and stay on top of where participants are at in their registration stage at any time."

Yaron Lipschitz Director of JMI programs

Young Judaea

"Regpack is intuitive to use both for us and our applicants. It is so great and cost effective that we expanded our use to include all our programs."

Sharon Schoenfeld Young Judaea