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Automated Online Registration: 3 Reasons You Should Be Doing It!

Read our article to learn why you should switch to an automated registration process today!

This post outlines what we think are 3 of the most important reasons why an automated online registration application process is important for you and your business. Automation via an online registration software makes it easier for you to receive the right information and manage your event efficiently.

Read on to find out why you should be automating your registration today!

Reason #1: Paper Applications are SO Last Century!

Manual and paper application processes are rife with issues. From lost checks in the mail to applications forgotten and lost in a large pile of paperwork, paper applications just aren’t worth the hassle for both you and your applicants, especially now that sophisticated online registration software is available. Members can register from anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection. No stamps or envelopes required! According to this article, a survey of over 100 event participants showed that over 90% of them prefer an online registration method.

Reason #2: More completed applications and more on time payments. 

An automated online registration system allows your application to be customized for each and every member who begins your process. Automation can allow you to auto-fill a returning member’s information so they save time and complete their forms more quickly. Research done on online registration software shows that switching from paper to an online system can net you 25% more completed and on time applications and payments.

An automated online registration software also allows for quick and easy payment, including Paypal, credit cards and electronic checks. Not only is this easier for your applicants to use and a method they probably prefer over mailing their payments, it means you receive dues, on average, 15-30 days faster than you normally would. Online payments also offer you and your members and participants a safer and more secure method of payment.

Reason #3: Automated Registration Improves Your Communication Skills

An automated system can communicate with your members or applicants with just a click of a mouse, improving your communication with them! Create triggered emails that send automatically when a user completes a specific task in your application, like a payment or completing a form. You can even automate reminder emails that keep your members on task and in the loop, as well as schedule mass newsletters and mailings.

Take your automated application a step further and build an online community with your members that they can use to connect with you and with one another. Online dashboards with messaging or posting capabilities allow members to stay in touch between events as well as continue relationships made previously. Include social media features so they can connect as well as promote your events to their networks, extending your reach and visibility online!

Have you switched to an automated registration process? Would you do it again?

If you want to read more about automated online registration, check out how automated registration can improve client relations, the benefits of automated registration in a preset process vs. your process, and a great eBook filled with free email templates to use with an automated registration software to improve your client communication!

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