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Camp Registration Marketing Tips

Camp Registration Marketing Tips - Personal computer

When you are a camp director, marketing your camp is sometimes the last thing on your long to-do list. And quite frankly, it’s the last thing on your “I want to do this” list.

When you work in the camp world, it’s usually because you have a passion for the role camp plays in your life and the lives of your campers! You do it because you LOVE IT! I can guarantee that most people don’t LOVE marketing their camp.

I’ve tried to take a subject that can seem overwhelming, and break it down a bit.

Camp Marketing Resources

Below is a list of a TON of camp marketing resources to help you understand the platforms and tools out there to simplify marketing your camp.

Additionally, the posts are full of ideas and tips you can start using right now.

Camp Social Media Marketing Tips

You’ll notice that many of the resources focus on social media marketing. Instagram and Facebook are WHERE it’s at, not just for traditional marketing and advertising, but for staying connected to your current camp families and using those connections to reach more people.

Camp Marketing Software + Email Marketing Ideas

You’ll also find a few posts on how to use your camp registration software to help assist in these marketing tasks and how your software can save you time when you finally sit down after a long summer of fun, to do the tedious work of marketing.

Email marketing and what discounts to offer can really help boost your camp registration numbers. Using the right camp registration software can help manage these promotions that will help increase your registration!

Camp Registration Marketing Resource List

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