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Class Registration Software: The Top 9+ Providers to Explore

9 Top Class Registration Software Providers to Explore

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to decide which online class registration software to choose for your business?

With so many good options out there, selecting the right software for your business can be really challenging. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down your options to just a few!

In this blog post, we will look at the top 9 course registration software that meet the following criteria. We believe that a great course registration platform should allow you to:

We will also tackle what makes each software stand out so that you can make a more informed decision for your business.

Regpack: Online Class Registration Software

Regpack is an online class registration and payment software that creates user-friendly onboarding processes with integrated payment processing.

This software is best suited for:

How Does Regpack Work?

Regpack uses an advanced technology called Conditional Logic Engine that lets you create and customize your own set of registration forms. This also helps you to provide users with a registration experience that’s highly unique to them.

Based on the user’s action or answer to a specific question, the intuitive software automatically:

The idea behind this functionality is that two different users will have two very different application processes that are unique to them while allowing you to have a branded mass registration platform.

Key Features

Pro tip: Read “How to Optimize Your Registration Forms and Increase Signups” to learn how to keep your forms simple yet make the process more personalized for every applicant.

Why Regpack Stands Out

As an all-around and customizable class registration and payment collection software, Regpack lets you provide your registrants with a unique registration experience with forms and payment plans customized to their needs. Easily integrate a payment processing feature right within your form or website using a simple embed code so that registrants no longer have to be redirected to another page, making them less wary of paying bills online.

Request a free Regpack demo to learn more.

Other Class Software Options:

Learning Stream

Learning Stream is a class registration management tool with additional education-specific features, including test management tools and simplified learning plans.

Top Features

Why Learning Stream Stands Out

While any company can create its own registration form online, Learning Stream focuses on the difficulties often associated with managing registration processes for teacher and staff development, continuing education, and employee and customer training. It also has several user-friendly templates, allowing you to quickly create the materials you need without building them from scratch.


Sawyer is a registration software designed specifically for children’s activities. These include educational courses, as well as programs related to sports, music, arts, dance, theater, camps, small business, after-school, and more.

Top Features

Why Sawyer Stands Out

As parents will be the ones signing their kids up using Sawyer, the online course registration platform ensures they have a positive user experience with mobile-optimized forms and contactless check-in tools.

Sawyer may be a good option for you if you specialize in teaching kids and want to provide parents or guardians mobile-friendly registration forms.


Corsizio is an event and course registration management platform that specifically caters to public events or classes that users can register for without creating an account. It also enables organizers, facilitators, and instructors to collect payments online, manage events and participants, gather feedback, and more.

Top Features

Why Corsizio Stands Out

Corsizio is event-centric, which means their software is designed to make your (physical and virtual) event as public and easily accessible as possible. If you’re in the business of organizing conferences, webinars, or retreats, this platform may be best suited for you.


Jotform is a popular online form builder that has expanded its offerings to include class registration and payment software, allowing you to collect online payments, subscription fees, and even donations with forms.

Top Features


Top Features

Why Jumbula Stands Out

Jumbula aims to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible for both front- and back-end users. You have all the flexibility you need to meet the unique needs of your organization. Simply use Jumbula’s class setup wizard, create your programs, define schedules, fees and payment plans, customize registration forms and user registration pages, run marketing campaigns, and finally monitor and optimize performance.


CourseStorm is a cloud-based platform that provides class registration services and marketing solutions to a variety of education-oriented organizations, including community education, workforce and continuing education, hospitals and healthcare, arts, and camp and kids activities.

Why CourseStorm Stands Out

Aside from the above top features, CourseStorm also integrates with a wide range of other web-based applications like WordPress, Google Calendar, Zapier, and Patron Manager, allowing you to easily add them to your current suite of course management tools.

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Modern Campus

Modern Campus is one of the few online class registration software focused on higher education and, as their name suggests, greatly emphasizes the importance of catering to modern learners who prioritize technological competence and job training. They could be high school graduates looking for a traditional experience or adults pursuing continuing education.

Modern Campus is one of the few online class registration software focused on higher education and, as their name suggests, greatly emphasizes the importance of catering to modern learners who prioritize technological competence and job training. They could be high school graduates looking for a traditional experience or adults pursuing continuing education.

Top Features

Why Modern Campus Stands Out

Modern Campus claims to “speak higher education” fluently, and their software is built to accommodate a wide range of higher education institutions from universities to workforce-related non-degree programs. The platform is also loaded with web content management tools that will help administrators build a well-designed and hacker-proof higher ed website.

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CloudBB is a comprehensive platform for children’s activities, virtual courses, or programs containing both registration software and general class management tools for teachers. It also has a student pick-up functionality to help teachers create schedules and send notifications to parents or drivers via email and SMS. Drivers can then use this feature to obtain the student’s pick-up details, including the number of students on their route.

Top Features

Why CloudBB Stands Out

CloudBB takes pride in their comprehensive class management tools as their School 360 database allows users to manage all instructors and courses across multiple campuses, providing a single data center for an organization.

Pick Your Class Registration Software Choices Wisely

There’s a wide variety of class registration platforms for kids and modern learners. Many offer an all-in-one software solution, while others opt to cater to certain segments of the academe, such as K-12, afterschool programs, and higher education.

Choose a service provider that meets your specific needs by making a detailed list of the specific requirements you want the class registration software to fulfill. This will also help you to determine your goals and budget for the tool so you can make the most of your investment.

Lastly, keep in mind that pricing plans vary depending on the platform’s features and your class size. You may also find yourself needing to buy add-on tools to get all of the advanced features you need to manage your classes or events more efficiently, especially as your business grows.

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