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This week I wanted to share a few examples of how a long time Regpack client, Kid’s Kamp, was able to instantly save $5,000 with just 3 hours of work using Regpack.

I spoke with Jonathan, the camp’s director, recently and he shared with me how he has utilized some of Regpack’s recent updates to streamline his admin workload, and save his camp money.

Below I’ve outlined the changes Jonathan made to how he is using Regpack. These changes took only a few hours for him to implement, and have already saved him thousands of dollars.

I encourage you to reach out to Regpack Support if you are interested in discussing or taking advantage of any of the services I’ve mentioned below.

1. Jonathan copied over his core 2017 camp registration system using our copy project button.

This year, it took Jonathan about 5 minutes to copy over his 2017 registration project. He was able to copy over his products, reports, email templates, autobilling plans, scheduler units and he ported over all of his user information.

Jonathan mentioned that having to set up his project all over again last year, especially all of his reports and email templates, was time-consuming. Copy Project made this task this year quick and easy!

Additionally, he enjoyed using our updated discount code set up. This feature was released to a small group of clients for testing earlier this month.

We are releasing discounts system-wide very soon! If you would like to have this option available to you before we release system-wide, contact Support.

2. Using our new pre-built project templates, Jonathan quickly built additional projects for his new weekend program and his camp staff applications.

Jonathan decided to start growing beyond his summer camp programs and wanted to do a pilot weekend program this spring. He also wanted to move his staff applications online for easier management.

Since Jonathan gets free projects with his annual plan, which I’ll talk about below, building out these 2 new projects was free, and easy.

Staff applications is a recently added template, so it took Jonathan less than 30 minutes to copy this template and customize it for his own needs.

He was also able to choose a camp template that matched the structure of his weekend program. It took under an hour for him to customize the template to work for his program.

3. Jonathan turned on Purchase Protection to secure his funding for 2018.

Given the number of cancellations Jonathan had last summer, he decided to enable Purchase Protection this year as a way to secure his funding.

Enabling Purchase Protection is FREE!

Kid’s Kamp had a cancellation rate of about 6% in 2017, which meant the camp took a loss of around $3,500.

Enabling Purchase Protection not only costs Jonathan nothing but it will also help to preserve his cash flow, especially as he adds new programs to the calendar this year.

4. Kid’s Kamp is enjoying our new promotional processing rate of 1.5%.

Jonathan got our email about our partnership with CardConnect and switched over the next day. The application took about an hour and after Kid’s Kamp was approved, they were able to lower their processing cost by roughly $1,500 for this year.

Jonathan said these additional savings freed up some of his budget to allow him to put on this pilot weekend program this April, something he’s wanted to do for a while now!

5. Jonathan switched to an annual plan, which saves 10% every month on admin fees.

Since Kid’s Kamp is now offering more programming in the spring, and hopefully the fall as well, Jonathan figured an annual plan made more sense.

He was spending $99 per month in admin fees. With the annual plan, he’s now paying $89. Annual plans also come with free unlimited assistant admins and unlimited copy projects.

If the weekend pilot program in April goes well, Jonathan plans to add more going forward, so unlimited copy projects are a great value for him!

We’ve also introduced 24-month plans, which gets you all the benefits of the annual plan, plus an additional 15% off monthly admin pricing. For example, at the $99/month tier, Jonathan could be paying just $84 per month.

6. Kid’s Kamp is all set for 2018!

Registration is now live for Kid’s Kamp and all of Jonathan’s projects are embedded on his website and taking registrations.

It took Jonathan about 3 hours to do everything mentioned above:

And for the 3 hours he invested in making these changes, Jonathan looks to be saving about $5,000 in operating costs this year alone!

If you are gearing up for your next registration season, or you just want to take advantage of any of these great updates for your own projects, schedule a demo!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas, questions or just want to say hi, feel free to send an email to

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