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The Essential Summer Camp Email Templates

Read our templates for the most important summer camp emails to make sure you’re reaching out to your community as effectively as possible.

Communicating with parents is best done via email. It is quick, easy, and affordable. Summer camp email templates can help make this communication easier.

From the moment you’ve scheduled your next camp sessions to the end of those sessions, communicating with camp parents is non-stop.

First, it’s marketing your new sessions and communicating registration deadlines, more information, etc. Then all of your registration reminders, payment invoices and camp lists. Finally, thanking everyone for a great summer, reminders for any outstanding balances and so on.

In short: it never ends.

With all this communication going on, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know what you should and shouldn’t say in all of these messages. What is the best way to communicate a balance due that will get you paid quickly? What email text will convince a parent to sign-up?

Thankfully Regpack is here to give you the best tips we have on creating the most effective emails you need to manage and run your summer camp.

Below are the great email template posts, as well as other camp marketing and camp communication guides. These templates + plus a great camp software to use them with will make running and managing your camp easy!

Summer Camp Email 1: Outstanding Balance Request

Closing your accounts is not only vital to your cash flow, it will also allow you to begin your next registration and camp season with a clean slate!

Sending an email asking parents to close their open balance is not hard to create. It’s quick to set up and send out with your camp registration software as well.

With a good camp registration software, the use of tokens is key here, and you can keep the text short and sweet. Tokens, or data points from your software populated into the email text, will help here in getting the message across clearly.

Summer Camp Email 2: Open Registration Notice

There is a known saying in marketing: “It costs 10 times more to get a new client than selling to an existing one.” The saying makes a lot of sense. For someone new to trust you, you need to work really hard. Not so much with families who already know and love you!

In case reaching out to your families from last year about registration for NEXT summer is not part of your pre-registration routine to, here is a great template you can use to market your next registration season to your existing clients.

Summer Camp Email 3: Incomplete Registration Reminder

An incomplete registration email is a great way to give a gentle electronic reminder to parents who started but did not complete their child’s online camp registration.

Many camps will not consider the spot “filled” until registration and deposit or payment is made. If this is your policy, a “Your registration is incomplete” email ready to go is imperative to keep your registration flowing.

Summer Camp Email 4: Registration Confirmation

Crafting an email confirming registration is not necessarily a straightforward task. It’s important to put some time and thought into putting this confirmation together.

You don’t want to include TOO MUCH information in your email so that any important notes or messages get lost. But you do want to include the right information so parents don’t feel compelled to reach out to ask questions that could have been covered in your email.

Learn more about what to include in this type of camp email here.

Summer Camp Email 5: Camp Acceptance Notice

Whatever the reason, you need a registration software that fits to your process and can provide the flow needed to make your camp and business work. A camp acceptance letter to campers is an important email template needed for a camp that requires a two-step application process.

Other Camp Marketing Resources

If you’ve enjoyed our summer camp email templates and are looking for other resources on camp registration, email marketing, or choosing the right summer camp software for your staff’s needs, check out these additional resources from our blog:

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Guide to Camp Registration [eBook]

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about camp registration is packed into this, completely free, eBook. Whether it’s common camp registration problems, how to build your camp application or what you should do with your data during your low season, this eBook guide to camp registration will give you the solutions, tips and tools you need to perfect your camp’s registration process.

Complete Registration Email Template Guide [eBook]

This eBook is a complete guide to many of the emails you must send for every registration season including payment request emails, payment invoice emails, post registration emails and incomplete registration emails.

The eBook contains:

Looking for a registration software to handle your registration, payments, email marketing and reporting can feel like a lot.

The first problem is: there are a lot of great software options out there, so which one will work best for you? How do you evaluate a software? What things are a “must have” feature and what is “nice to have”? Where do I go to find the best software options for my camp?

This post takes the guesswork out of your decision making process. This comparison post has a chart comparing common and “must have” features that any camp needs. It also details the process on how to evaluate your own needs and then evaluate other software companies to narrow down your choices.

Read: Camp Software Comparison

The top points here are:

  1. Identify what YOU really need your software to do for you.
  2. Identify any pain points you are currently experiencing either with your paper process or your current software.
  3. Narrow your list to a few options and do a demo with each company. This will help you flush out some options, ensure each company can do what you need, and allow you to see the software up close.

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