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Association Event Landing Pages: How to Design Them

An event landing page is a powerful marketing tool to get the word out about events for members of your association. A well-designed event landing page can build excitement before the event, streamline the registration process, and help members feel more connected to your association. However, if you don’t have web development experience, designing an association event landing page can seem daunting. 

With the right strategies and tools, you’ll be able to create an event landing page that is informative, engaging, and visually appealing. As a result, you’ll be able to encourage participation and create a strong sense of community, helping you to retain members’ support long-term. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through four essential tips to streamline your web design. Use the following tips to build an association event landing page that will stand out:

  • Consider your target audience. 
  • Display logistical details.
  • Embed a registration form. 
  • Incorporate your association’s branding. 

Whether you’re planning a conference, auction, or any other kind of event, a strong landing page on your association website can help cultivate strong relationships with existing members and attract new members. Let’s begin. 

Consider your target audience. 

The ultimate goal of your event landing page is to inspire members to register. Therefore, it’s important for your webpage to be closely tailored to your audience’s interests so they’ll feel inclined to sign up. 

For example, let’s say that your association is hosting a professional conference. If you know that your members are interested in meeting people with similar careers, you’ll want to bring special attention to the networking opportunities at this event. For example, you can provide detailed information on how networking will take place and put this information in bold on your landing page so it grabs members’ attention. 

By factoring your audience’s interests into your website design, you’ll ensure that your landing page feels relevant. Plus, this will reflect positively on your association and help members feel like they made the right choice when they joined your organization. 

Display logistical details.

Remove the mystery from your event by laying out all the basic details. Specifically, you’ll want to cover:

  • Type of event. 
  • The time and date.
  • Location or live streaming platform.
  • Attire. 
  • Agenda.
  • Benefits (what your members will get out of attending). 

List these items out clearly so your members can find this information without having to do too much digging. This will help them get a better understanding of what they can expect if they attend. Bring attention to important details in your web design by adjusting font size or bolding the text. Ideally, the basic details of your event should appear as close to the top of the page as possible. 

When describing the benefits of attendance, make sure to highlight perks that will get your members excited to sign up. For example, if you’re hosting a career workshop, bring attention to details like whether there will be food, opportunities for networking or mentorship, and other relevant information. 

Embed a registration form.

Once members learn about your event and decide if they’re interested in attending, their next step is to register. Instead of directing members to an external web page, streamline the entire registration process by embedding a sign-up form into your event landing page. This saves members’ time and therefore makes it more likely that they’ll take a few moments to complete the form. 

To further optimize the registration experience, you should only ask members for essential information. For example, create prompts that request members’ names, contact information, and billing information if a fee is required to attend. Members will be much more likely to finish filling out a form with limited prompts, rather than a form that appears endless. 

If your event has a registration fee, ensure that you’re working with a PCI-compliant or PCI-certified payment processor to make transactions more secure. This type of payment processor will protect your members’ private information from cybersecurity threats and therefore help build members’ trust in your association. 

Incorporate your association’s branding. 

According to Morweb, an association website best practice is to customize your event landing page so that members can easily recognize that this event is being hosted by your organization. A generic event landing page is less likely to amp your audience up, so add your association’s unique branding elements to make your page stand out and successfully encourage sign-ups.

Incorporate these branding elements to create a more customized and visually appealing landing page:

  • Fonts and color scheme. Use the same fonts and color scheme from your other webpages to create a consistent feel and unite your event landing page with the rest of your digital presence. 
  • Images. If you’ve held this event in the past, include images so members can visualize what this event will be like if they attend. For example, you can include pictures of members together or in action at your event, such as listening to a panel during a conference. 
  • Logo. According to Double the Donation, your logo is an important part of your association’s brand identity. Placing it on all of your marketing materials will help boost brand visibility, create a unified feeling across your digital presence, and make your association’s website more trustworthy. Display your logo prominently on your event landing page, such as placing it at the top of the page next to your event title. 

To expand your event landing page’s reach, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) elements to boost its search engine rankings. For example, ensure that all images are reasonably sized and compressed and have alternative text. You should also optimize your landing page for mobile devices. 

If you’re not sure how to do this, invest in a membership website builder with drag-and-drop functionality and automatic mobile optimization. This will streamline the entire design process and help your association build a visually appealing and accessible digital presence. 

The Gist

A well-designed event landing page can go a long way in creating excitement around your event and driving registrations. Keep your audience in mind and develop a page that answers all of their questions and is visually appealing. By making a strong case for attendance, you can host successful events that bring your association’s community together. Good luck!

About the Author:

Murad Bushnaq is the Founder and CEO of Morweb. Since its inception in 2014, Murad has acted as Creative Director and Chief Technologist to help nonprofits spread their vision online through engaging design, intuitive software and strategic communication.

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