Regpack Security

Regpack Security Protocols

Summary of the security protocols in place to protect information held within Regpack’s digital architecture.

  1. Our servers sit behind a physical firewall that is managed by a dedicated external security team. It is configured on an “is allowed” basis meaning access is denied unless specifically approved.
  2. Regpack uses a split database mechanism in which key and values are separate from one another. This mechanism creates a low-level internal encryption of the data and masks the type of data being pushed across servers.
  3. Our servers are encrypted at the disk level.
  4. All sensitive values in the databases are encrypted with a unique key per user. This prevents the view and use of information unless the key algorithm connected to the specific project, user, server, and time of encryption are all present. The application automatically determines, according to a set of variables, which units are considered sensitive values.
  5. Regpack has the best in class WAF (Web Application Firewall) that filters all possible database attacks at the transmission level. This prevents the ability to access the database through the application. In addition, the system limits the amount of data that is transferred with every request and per IP to prevent the ability to access mass amounts of information.
  6. Regpack has regular code audits to make sure all code is written with security as a primary objective. All of our code is performed by an internal team. Our code review protocols prevent any release into production unless it passes all of our security guidelines.
  7. Regpack uses the services of Rackspace Managed Security to perform hourly scans to all code, databases, and servers. In addition to the automated scans, our servers are manually reviewed to confirm the integrity of all server elements on a daily basis. Penetration testing is performed on a weekly basis.
  8. Regpack is PCI compliant Level 2 and since 2010 has passed all audits on the first scan. Our entire system is scanned on a weekly basis through a PCI checking mechanism. In addition, there is a monthly scan done by the PCI compliance approval entity.

The Regpack Team

Edgar Carrasco

V.P. of Business Development

Edgar graduated from Northwood University with a BBA and has over 20 years of experience in client servicing. Edgar also heads up the Regpack Payments team. His previous banking experience has allowed Regpack to grow our integrated payment processing from a few hundred transactions annually to tens of millions of dollars processed each year.

Asaf Darash

CEO and Founder

Asaf Darash is the founder of Regpack, an online registration system used by more than 4,000 organizations worldwide including the NFL, Goodwill and Stanford. Regpack’s technology is based on Asaf’s Ph.D. that dealt with computer data connections and networks and is the foundation for the flexibility of the Regpack system.

Calvin Hosey

Director of Operations

Calvin is a proud Cal alumni, and former football player. Calvin’s experience managing teams at Google, and other companies, has translated well to his role at Regpack managing projects and building an efficient system. The number of positive reviews we have on our customer support is a testament to the great work Calvin and his team do!

What is Regpack?

Regpack is an online registration software that creates intelligent application processes with integrated payment processing.

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