Why Regpack

What makes us the best in online registration?

We Build the Tools You Need

One System for All Your Registration Needs

Instead of one system for registration, one for email marketing and another for report creation- get it all in one with Regpack!

A Professional Point of Entry, on Your Website

Regpack embeds directly on your website so you enjoy consistent branding and a smooth user experience for applicants.

Your Data: Wherever, Whenever, However

Access your data from anywhere on desktop, mobile or tablet. We make working with your data and accessing your system hassle-free.

We Support Your Team

Dedicated Support Team

Our training  teams ensures that going live is seamless and easy for you. Our Support team is available whenever you need them!

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

We have a large article and video database to answer any question you might have, both before, during and after your registration goes live.

We build out your system.

A dedicated project manager will build your system according to your exact needs. Just send us a copy of your current process and we’ll transform it!

We Automate Your Process

Unique Registration Path for Every User

Create an individual registration process on the fly as applicants move through your application and registration process.

Integrated Payments

Payments are built directly into the system, including automatic billing and payment plans. Regpack clients see a 35% reduction in accounts receivable in their first registration cycle!

Communication on Autopilot

Email management tools allow you to send hundreds of emails in seconds, all personalized for the user. Automate communication, including payment emails!

How We’re Different

Increase your registration. Maximize your revenue.

Research Based Software

Regpack is based on 7+ years of Ph.D. research that created a product flexible enough to satisfy the needs of every one of our clients.

No Soliciting

Your data is YOURS and we employ a vast array of security measures to keep it that way! We do NOT solicit your users like some of the other guys.

Embedded on Your Website

Embed your system on YOUR website with just 1 line of code. Keep consistent branding and the trust of your applicants when registering with you.

Integrated Payments

Payments are integrated into the system and are a seamless part of the registration process. Autobilling and payment plans ensure you get paid on time!

No Annual Contracts

We don't lock you in to long term plans with little flexibility. Use Regpack when you need, and pause when you don't! It's that simple.

Conditional Logic Engine

Our crown jewel is our conditional logic engine, which allows every user who begins the registration process to have a customized experience that is unique to them.

Purchase Protection

Regpack Purchase Protection is a FREE optional add-on your applicants can purchase to protect their order. Forget about the stress of refunds and last minute cancellations!

Much More than Registration

Regpack is more than just registration, it's a powerful tool to help manage your business - from emails, payment reporting, onboarding and more!

When it comes to registration for anything, Regpack will do it and blow your mind!

If you are using any other system and you’re asking yourself why can’t it do what I want it to do, Regpack will do it. Read More

Your Team Will Love Our Online Course Registration Software

OUTSTANDING support and service from Regpack!

Super EASY for attendees to register. Gave us the EXACT DATA we needed to plan and prepare for our event. Quick process to contact attendees with important info.

Cindy Thompson

CREW Workshop Planning Team

Your Team Will Love Our Online Course Registration Software
Your Team Will Love Our Online Camp Registration Software

Regpack saved us!

It is a very intuitive and simple but yet powerful enough to handle an endless array of events we have on a yearly basis.

Juan Carlos Ramirez

Director, Events & Gatherings

Your Team Will Love Our Online Camp Registration Software

Regpack has streamlined our process.

Regpack has really elevated the way we work with our families. The fact that our data system and registration system helps us do that is really outstanding.

Celia Cooksey

Summer Programs Director

Your Team Will Love Our Online Registration Software

Best Registration Software Yet!

RegPacks is the only software I've used yet that does it all. Furthermore, their staff is incredible helpful and quick to respond to our needs.

Daniel R.

Manager, The Emerging Sound

Your Team Will Love Our Online Registration Software