Automated Online Registration: 3 Reasons You Should Be Doing It!
This post outlines what we think are 3 of the most important reasons why an automated online registration application process is important for you and your business. Automation via an online registration software makes it easier for you to receive the right information and manage your membership or event efficiently. Read on…
Should I Use Google Forms or Registration Software? A Guide
I get the following question a lot: “Is Google Drive and Google forms a good alternative to registration software?” or “why should we use a registration software when Google offers google drive and google forms for free”? So, can you use Google Forms for registration instead of a quality registration…
5 Reasons to Automate Online Registration Payments
While many organizations have moved registration online, they still collect payments the old fashioned way. Whether it’s because they don’t want to pay for an online registration payments software, or because they don’t know how to go about offering automated online payments, the fact that so many aren’t doing it is…
Should you pass on convenience fees to your customers?
Did you know that 60% of eCommerce companies use "Free Shipping" as a marketing tool? Let's review 2 scenarios: A $50 item with no additional costs. vs. A $45 item with an additional $5 shipping fee added to the cart. Cost wise, these two options are the same. However, the…
Essential Registration Questions to Ask Attendees
Making sure you ask the right questions during registration is key to a smooth registration process, and more. Gathering the right data means reporting is simplified and it allows you to understand your attendees for future marketing planning. But what are the “right questions” you should be asking? And what…
Your Ultimate Camp Marketing Guide [Free PDF]
WHY DOES YOUR CAMP NEED MARKETING? Especially if you’re a small camp or a camp that’s just starting to get serious about expanding its presence in your local community, “marketing” can often seem like a pretty intimidating word. That’s what all those huge businesses do, right? They spend billions of…
5 Camp Marketing Strategies: How to Find New Campers
As summer camp season approaches, you have the task of both retaining previous campers and attracting new ones. There are some approaches that can work for both groups and some that need to be targeted to one or the other. You need to ask yourself a few questions: What are…
Regpack Client Spotlight | The Black Onyx Group | Travel and Event Planning Software
Lisa Laws, Founder and Event Coordinator for Reggae Runnerz and Owner of The Black Onyx Group, has been using Regpack since 2015. The Black Onyx Group is a group travel concierge event planning company. She does everything from corporate meetings to group leisure trips. Reggae Runnerz is an annual race…
5 Reasons Why You Should Collect Event Payments Online
Offering online event payment it worth it? Will it bring you more sales or is it just an extra and unnecessary expense for your business? This article makes the case for why online event payment processing is not only going to get you more clients and faster payments but…
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Your Ultimate Registration Guide

Getting Online Registration and Payment Right

Your Ultimate Communication Guide

Using an Online Registration Software to Automate Client Communication

Your Ultimate Registration Email Templates Guide

Using an Online Registration Software to Automate Client Registration and Payment Emails

Your Ultimate Guide to Camp Registration

Choosing the best registration software and features for your summer camp.

What is Regpack?

Regpack is an online registration software that creates intelligent application processes with integrated payment processing.

Your Process, Automated
Find and create applicant groups according to YOUR needs. Automate your online registration.
Your Website, Our Technology
Don't send applicants away! Embed your process seamlessly onto your website.
Integrated Payment Processing
Applicants can pay easily within the registration process. Manage payments, send invoices, and more!
Save 60+ Admin Hours Every Month!
Online registration automation tools that work for you! Save time and work smarter.