Summer Camp Software Comparison: Regpack & Campdoc

Read our camp management software reviews to make a smarter decision.

It can be hard to evaluate your summer camp software options and find the solution that meets your needs.

Starting with a full comparison of the most popular summer camp software is a good start. You can narrow down a few options that have key features that matter most to you.

Check out this chart detailing all our camp management software reviews in one easy box.

Remember that features aren’t everything. Of course there is basic functionality that you need, but have an open mind when it comes to your wish list vs your must have list.

The best way to get a good understanding of any software is to schedule a demo and ask questions. You can then present your unique needs and challenges and see if that software will meet those needs.

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If you’re here because you want to understand how Regpack and CampDoc stack up, check out this handy side by side:

Compare summer camp software features Campdoc and Regpack.

First it should be noted that CampDoc is great for managing health records and medications. It’s main gig is this, and offers registration in addition. If you are looking for a robust registration software, Regpack fits this category more fully.

Embedded Registration

The biggest difference between Campdoc and Regpack is the ability to place the registration process directly on your camp’s website.

This helps with branding, and embedding registration can increase overall sign-up rates as well.

Read reviews of camp management software to make sure you can embed the process into your own site.

Both software options also provided a hostel URL to send parents to register if you prefer it not embed on your website directly.

Conditional Logic

Choose a camp management software with good registration reviews.

Conditional logic is really where a health records system and a comprehensive registration software differ.

Conditional logic allows the process to change and adapt to each family but adding forms or questions based on the family. For example, more medical forms can be added if a child is listed as having an allergy. Or another record can be added if the parent says they would like to register another child.

The ability to gather exactly the information you need from every family in a dynamic way is essential for a seamless experience.

Automate your camp registration process with Regpack.

Regpack also allows for conditional logic on more complex aspects of your registration process. Trigger products or other merchandise to add based on sessions enrolled in. Or trigger specific automatic billing plans based on custom criteria of your choosing.

Comparing Pricing: Regpack vs CampDoc

Read our online registration software reviews to compare prices.

Campdoc doesn’t publish their pricing online, so you’ll have to request a custom quote directly from them.

Regpack has plans starting at $89 per month. You can view Regpack’s pricing here.

Monthly Contracts vs Annual Contracts

Check out these reviews to find a camp management software with the right contract structure for you.

While Campdoc doesn’t publish their pricing, it is known that they require contracts to use their service.

Regpack offers both month to month and annual rates depending on the needs of the camp.

Benefits to annual plans include a discount as well as use of the system for other projects beyond camp registration. Regpack can be used for staff applications, events, surveys and more.

If you’re still looking for other camp suggestions, head over to our comprehensive guide to summer camp management software options and read through our thoughts.

Looking for the best camp registration software?

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