5 Ways to Communicate Your Camp Goals to Parents

While setting camp goals for your camp is key to a successful program, knowing how to effectively communicate your camp goals to parents is just as important as the work you’ll do with their children. Parents are who you really have to convince that your camp is a great fit for their children and their family. After all, they are entrusting you with the most valuable thing to them and they want to feel 100% confident that your camp gives their children the experience they are after.

Security First

Nothing is more important to parents than the safety and security of your camp. In your marketing materials and conversations with parents, emphasize all security measures you take to keep their kids safe. Share with parents the process you use to screen your staff. Being transparent will put parents at ease and will go a long way towards their trust in you and your capabilities in watching over their children.

Fun For Kids = Peace of Mind For Parents! 

During school vacations parents want their kids to have fun. Your website and other marketing materials should be full of pictures of kids having a blast at your camp. They want to see images of interactions between counselors and campers and trust that your programming is varied, engaging and of course, fun! When speaking with parents, make sure to highlight that you are not only a camp, but also are educators, and as such you know that the best learning is done when kids are enjoying themselves.

Social Skills: Understanding Others 

Highlight to parents that all activities build on their children’s social skills. Camp activities should be breaking kids out of their comfort zones and really challenging them to improve upon their ability to be productive members of society. Activities that focus on talking and relating to other campers and community living, including the sharing of communal responsibilities, are all skills parents want for their children and hope they can learn while in your care.

Positive Role Models You Can Trust!

One of the beautiful things camp can provide are positive adult role models. Show parents that your staff provides positive examples of leadership and responsibility to their kids. From cleaning up to helping others when they need a hand, your staff constantly displays positive behaviors that campers strive to emulate in their own lives. As they are challenged and expected to act like adults and as they learn new skills and gain confidence socially, they build character and increase their confidence to act and live more independently.

Building Character

Be sure to showcase that your camp challenges campers to step out of their comfort zone just in the right amount. After all that is where true growth and learning lie and where character is born. Campers that are able to adapt to new situations and meet and interact with new people, will be that much more prepared for unfamiliar experiences they encounter in the future.


Conclusion: How to effectively communicate your camp goals to parents.

If you can give parents a total and honest picture of your camp as a secure, fun and character building environment, not only will they feel confident that your camp is the right choice for their family, but they will trust that you don’t just want to provide a fun place for kids to spend some time, but that you are in this business to create and shape today’s youth.

Make sure you communicate your camp goals effectively in your marketing. Most parents are sending their kids to camp, not as a babysitter while they work, but to give them an enriching and fun experience. Don’t be shy about sharing how your camp stands out and what you can offer that is unique and valuable!

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