Camp Registration Software Comparison: Regpack vs CampBrain

Read our camp management software review to decide between Regpack and Campbrain.

When looking at camp management software options, the list of features can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Looking at the language of one company and what they offer, to what another company advertises their software as doesn’t always add up and you’re left scratching your head and wanting to know how you can compare apples to apples instead of apples to chickens.

Check out how Regpack can help manage your camp registrations and discounts.

You can see a full comparison of the most popular camp management software here. We included there, as well as below, a list of common features camp’s love and need in their software, and which popular software choices offer them. This post is going to focus specifically on Regpack and CampBrain.

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Remember that just because a software doesn’t offer a specific feature you are looking for, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice for your business or that they don’t offer a different or better solution to your problem.

What camp registration features do you need?

First, sit down and make a list of your own needs and what YOU really need from a software. Then find a software that has what you are looking for. The company with the longest list of features doesn’t necessarily mean that they have what you need.

Below is a side by side comparison Regpack vs. CampBrain, as well as other popular camp systems. It includes the popular features that many camps look for in summer camp registration software, including pricing, payments, family registration, automated communication tools and reporting tools.

Compare Regpack and campbrain.

Registration on YOUR Website

Read reviews of camp management software to make sure you can embed the process into your own site.

Regpack stands out in the camp registration space because it allows you to embed your registration (forms and payments) right on your website. Instead of redirecting parents to another site, you can have them stay on your website: with your design and branding.

Parents can flow through your process and make payments, all from your website.

Embedding doesn’t cost extra, and you can still host it on if you don’t have a website, or don’t want to embed.

Compare Camp Registration Software Pricing

Read our online registration software reviews to compare prices.

Campbrain’s website says their pricing is simple and straightforward, however, their website doesn’t mention any price point. This makes it difficult to compare when you are doing initial research. You must contact them for a specific price. Cost is based on modules required and the size and complexity of your process.

Regpack’s pricing is more transparent. Pricing strats at $89 per month, per full-time admin. Price increases based on the number of active applicants in your database and the number of full-time admins you need. View only admins are free and assistant admins are $1 per hour (or free on annual plans).

Monthly Contracts

Check out these reviews to find a camp management software with the right contract structure for you.

Another big pricing difference between Regpack and Campbrain is contracts.

Campbrain only offers annual contracts or “seasonal” contracts. You can pay one time or in installments as agreed in your contract.

Regpack does not require a contract to use the system. In addition to a 30 day money back guarantee, you can activate or suspend your account on a month to month basis. You pay a monthly fee (or get 10% and pay for an annual system). Annual contracts are not required. The flexbility of month to month contracts are especially important for camps who are not running year around and don’t want to pa for a system they don’t need in their off season.

Conditional Logic

Choose a camp management software with good registration reviews.

Conditional logic is unique to Regpack. The basic definition of conditional logic is a system that presents questions, forms and payment plans (to name a few) only when a parent answers a specific question in a certain way.

A basic example is if the answer to the question “Does your child have any allergies?” is no, the application proceeds to the next question or form. If the parent answers yes, a new question will appear asking for details. Logic, based on conditions.

While most camp registration systems have a basic form of conditional logic, Regpack takes this one step further by allowing conditional logic on any data point. This includes forms, products, sub-units, payment plans and more. Regpack’s conditional logic also allows you to “stack” conditions on top of each other. So you can filter for a camper that has: completed a specific form, is a specific age AND paid their deposit.

This is a really powerful tool to allow you to manage your camp process, contact the right people, and build a bigger picture of your registration and demographics.

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How do I choose the right camp software for me?

The best thing to do is first, create a list of what you really need and then, request a demo from the software you are interested in.

Make sure there is a rep that is familiar with the camp business so they can better able answer your questions and offer up solutions to your issues through their software. The biggest mistakes camps make is choosing a software that doesn’t have experience in your field!

Here are 2 other great questions to ask:

  • What are the costs? Upfront, monthly, yearly, for payment processing, etc.
  • What kind of contracts do you offer – monthly, yearly? Often times, camps do not need to use or have access to their data for a few months out of the year, which can save money if your software is a month to month or yearly commitment.

When you know ahead of time what you NEED from a system first, this makes your search easier.

This brainstorming will help you to narrow your choices considerably. As you make your list of needs and wants, the list of camp registration software that match your list will get smaller.

This means less demos, less comparing and making a decision more quickly!

If you’re still looking for other camp suggestions, head over to our comprehensive guide to summer camp management software options and read through our thoughts.

Check out how Regpack can help manage your camp registrations and discounts.

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