Event Registration Comparison: eTouches vs. Regpack

Event Registration Comparison: Cvent vs. Regpack - Software

Regpack and etouches are excellent event management software options for your next event!

Regpack and etouches Feature Comparison

Etouches offers some features that Regpack does not, including venue and hotel sourcing, room and inventory management, and seating plan management. For many events, these features are either not necessary, or nice to have but not required. If budget is a concern, consider the price differences of etouches and Regpack.

Regpack allows you to embed the registration process on your website, a feature unique in the event registration software space. Our research has found that embedding registration on your own event website can increase your registration conversions by 27%!

Etouches allows you to create a professional event website and uses their tools to customize it. However, registration still sits on etouches website, not yours. In many cases, events already have a website, which they’ve spent time and money creating. However, for those that don’t have a website already, this can be helpful.

Regpack can host your event website for you, and it can be customized with your logo, images and CSS updates to match the color and theme of your event materials. Regpack can also embed directly on an event website. Simply add a small snippet of code to a page you create on your website, for example, “www.myevent.com/register”, and your Regpack registration will run from that page.

Both etouches and Regpack offer:

  • Event registration
  • Event websites
  • Payment processing
  • Email tools
  • Project management
  • Event surveys

Compare Regpack and etouches Pricing

Regpack’s pricing model is a “pay per admin” model. This means that instead of paying per attendee, you pay per admin that accesses the system. Regpack pricing starts at $89 per admin, per month.

Regpack also does not require contracts, so you can use the system on a monthly basis and pause your membership for the months you don’t need it. Regpack gives you access to all features for the same price, including unlimited emails, reports, products, payment plans, view-only admins, feature updates, forms and scheduling units.

Etouches isn’t as transparent with their pricing. Etouches uses a “price per registration” model, as opposed to “price per admin”, though you must request a custom pricing quote for their price per registration if processing under 25,000 registrants.

The price per registration decreases the more you have, requires a minimum commitment of 1000 registrants each year and includes unlimited events, 24/7 support, and training.

Over 25,000 registrants, you are required with etouches to sign a 3-year agreement.

Etouches also has different packages that allow you access to more features. This is great if you don’t need them, you save some money. But they are available if you do. These packages include a mobile app, speaker setup, scan tool, venue and hotel sourcing, and integrations with other software. Pricing varies for each of these additional add-ons.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic essentially means the logic of your registration flow by having certain forms or fields appear based on a previous action. For example, asking for more details on a medical condition if they user answered “yes” to a question like “I have a medical condition”.

That is a very basic example, and one that any registration software can perform, including Regpack and etouches.

Regpack takes it a step further by allowing conditional logic on anything, as well as stacking conditions onto one another. Regpack allows conditional logic on automatic billing, sub-units, fields, products, services, forms and more.

Additionally, you can show a specific option or product to a user with multiple conditions: completed a specific form, is from California, and has ordered a specific product. This helps make the registration process and gathering accurate information easy and custom!

Regpack’s conditional logic functionality is what has made it well known in the event technology space, as no two events are alike.

Choosing Between Regpack and etouches

This really depends on the event you having and what you need. First, create a list of your needs and then schedule a demo with each company. Ask questions, observe the ease of use in the back end, and ensure one or both can offer what you need (from your list) and at a price that fits your budget.

Usually one will win out over the other when you compare. Creating the list of needs is crucial to help you stay focused, and not get lured in with features that sound nice but you don’t need.

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Here’s a quick view comparing the most popular event registration system features of Regpack and etouches.

regpack etouches comparison

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