#EventProfs Link Roundup: What I’ve Loved Lately!

In an effort to fill my social media channels with great content I’m constantly on the hunt for great content for event professionals to help improve their events. Whether it be great event marketing tips, registration help, payment management, or just general how-to tips on using social media, how to plan events, etc. I find some really great stuff that I don’t feel get enough attention, so I decided to do an eventprofs link roundup of some of my favorite pieces I’ve found around these great interwebs in the last few months.

So without further ado, here are the top posts on event planning and marketing that I’ve loved lately!

Event Planning

Event Planning in 11 Steps: The Journey of an Event

This was a super fun infographic I found on printsome.com.  The infographic has some really great numbers and stats. It’s also a great overview of 11 questions to guide any event professional in their event planning process. What do you want to do? Where do you want to end up? How much can you spend? A great beginning guide or refresher for seasoned event professionals.

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Events

Another great one from Capterra. Pinterest, if you hadn’t heard, is a great online pinboard to organize your ideas from around the web. It sounds nice, and easy in theory, but Pinterest can be used for your own planning and idea inspiration, but also for promoting your events and marketing your brand. This article is full of great tips to achieve these goals, as well as some suggestions of awesome event planning boards to follow!

Here’s a great party planning checklist to get your started!

How to Start an Event Planning Service

A really great beginners guide to starting your own event planning service on the Entrepreneur blog including startup costs, operations, income and billing, marketing and resources and a list of some great event planning software.

Level up your floor plans: Great 3D modelling tutorials for event producers

This article over at Decibel Management is a great piece about spatial models and making a 3D walkthrough of event areas. While this isn’t relevant for all events, it’s a pretty cool tool and this post does a great job and showcasing it!

Event Software

3 Reasons Why Group Registration is a Mandatory Feature in Your Event Software

This post over at The Event Professionals gives you 3 big reasons to make sure your event software includes group registration. Spoiler: it makes it quick and easy, it gets you the right information the first time around, and you get paid faster!

Event Payments

How to Choose the Right Event Payment Processing Solution

This article from Capterra is all about choosing the right event payment processing solution. I actually wrote the post, which is why I think it’s so awesome, but it’s a great overview of payment processing in general, what rates are normal for the event payment processing industry, security features to make sure you get and questions to ask when you are looking for a payment processor for your event.

Social Media and Marketing for Events

How To Promote An Event On Facebook: An Epic Guide

Bizzabo put together a great post about using Facebook to promote your events. They give you a step by step guide to optimizing your Facebook events page, how to use your company page to promote your events, using Facebook advertising and much more.

How to Use Blogging to Market Your Next Event

It’s not secret that a blog is a great marketing tool for your business and great for SEO. This article on The Event Manager Blog tells you how to leverage your blog to market your event. Event Manager Blog is an amazing resource for event professionals. Their blog is full of helpful tips and guides to get your event off on the right foot!

Event Professionals

14 Things #EventProfs Should Own

Do you own these 14 things? Check out this post on Capterra to find out!

Nurturing Conference Experiences That Foster Skillful Collaboration To Create Progress

This post over on the Velvet Chainsaw Midcourse Corrections Blog is always full of amazing pieces about event planning. He writes thoughtful pieces and this one is no exception. Jeff Hurt opens this article by saying “We can’t solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s thinking”. If you’re in to existential event planning, then this piece is for you!

Multitasking is Killing Your Brain

Over on Medium, Larry Kim explains how multitasking is killing our brains. He fills you in on why our brains weren’t built to multitask. He also talks about how multitasking lowers your work quality and efficiency. Anyone who has tried to browse Facebook and participate on a conference call probably knows this to be true. I don’t know this to be true, I swear.

6 Thought-Provoking Quotes From Event Industry Innovators

Bizbash is a great resource for event professionals and planners. This piece is full of some GREAT advice, including “Focus on the user and all else will follow”.

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