Adding Regpack Admins, for Free?

We get a lot of questions about the 3 different types of Admins that can access your Regpack project.

I’ve found lately that many organizations using Regpack aren’t taking advantage of Collaborators and View Only options in a way that would be beneficial to their workflow and budget! Below are a few tips on using Regpack Admins effectively.

  • Collaborators are a great way to save a little money every month, while still allowing multiple members of your team access to your project to make changes or comment on users. Collaborators are free of charge and have access to User Management and can run reports and filters.
  • View Only allows access to view User Management. While view only admins can’t make any edits or comments, often times viewing the data is all that is needed. And since Regpack’s monthly fee includes unlimited View Only Admins, at NO COST, why not?!
  • All Admins can be assigned permissions. If you need another admin on your account to help with work flow or user management, but don’t want them to see everything, we can make it work! Permissions are a great way to manage multiple admins productively.
    Assistant and View-Only Admins are a great way to increase and improve team collaboration, with little to no cost to you!

Annual Plan Benefits

Regpack’s monthly rate is already a great deal, but going from monthly to yearly will save you 10-20%! Switching to an annual plan not only lowers your monthly cost of Regpack but also includes unlimited collaborators, users, projects, and View Only admins at no extra charge!

If you have any questions or want to make changes or add Admins to your Regpack project, reach out to

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