Learn How Digital Solutions are Making Event Planning Easier

Learn How Digital Solutions are Making Event Planning Easier - Bullet Journal

The emergence of modern digital technology has opened the doorways for events to truly become elevated and more efficient. We no longer are in an age in which events need to be average – the capabilities which we now have at our fingertips give event managers the opportunity to raise the event experience and create brilliant spectacles.

Digital solutions come in various different shapes and forms for every stage of an event. From planning through to execution and post-event debriefing, these solutions can be utilized to make not only event planners jobs more efficient but the attendee experience more enjoyable. The choice of digital solutions may seem exciting but vast at first glance, but analyzing what specific needs you want to address digitally is the key to successful utilization of these products.

All event organization phases are affected by digitalization in the event industry. Research by XING Events shows that over three-quarters of event managers reported a significant improvement in pre-event planning due to digital solutions. The area which was improved dramatically was event marketing and pre-event organizations. Tools such as email campaigns and being able to monitor event attendee information and ticket sales were some of the top uses for digital solutions.

Here are some of our top London event company technology solutions which can ensure your event runs seamlessly and delivers the wow factor without the headaches:

Event Registration Systems

Using an event registration system is a key tool in efficiently maintaining and collating information on the attendees of your events. The software provides not only a creative front-end website which can inform guests on all the information regarding the event but also provide essential functions such as automated invitation emails, clear and precise registration prompts and confirmation and preference communications. All of which can be tailor-made to match client brand guidelines.

These systems also make reporting as simple as exporting any information you wish to see to an excel spreadsheet – this allows monitoring aspects such as dietary requirements and additional information simple and effective.

Event registration software can also be hugely helpful in processing payments for events. Attendees can enter their own contact information, reducing misinterpretation and clerical errors, and can then select their preferred payment option.

The payment process will not only be secure, but attendees can receive a printable receipt and instant verification of their position at the event, along with personal account access.

Mobile Event Apps

A fantastic way to maximise the event experience digitally is to have an event application developed for the event. Mobile apps serve as perhaps the most direct connection to festival goers, keeping them informed and up-to-date with schedules, announcements, and alerts. There is currently no better way to communicate last minute changes or announcements quickly and easily to event-goers, whether they’re at the event or planning to attend.

Event apps can be used for a range of tasks such as real-time content control, floor plans, itineraries and speaker sessions. These apps act as an exciting way to engage attendees and build a stronger connection to your event. The application allows event managers to reach all attendees with or without any internet connection or Wi-Fi on any device in which they choose.

Mobile application also allows for custom digital branding with clients being able to brand there personalized application with their own logos, advertising banners, splash pages and custom on brand theming. Additionally, applications can be a great way to boost revenue at an event by selling sponsor and advertising space and incorporating sponsored push notifications.

Project Mapping

Another digital solution which is rather more concerned with the wow factor of an event is the Projection Mapping. Basically “Projection mapping is an exciting projection technique that uses specialized software and other technologies to warp and blend projected images so they fit perfectly on irregularly-shaped “screens” such as buildings, interior spaces, objects and natural landscapes.”

This results in any surface at a venue being masked in a world of incredible dynamic visuals. The digital solution has the ability to transform venues and create alternate realities for guests of events, such opportunities include infinite possibilities include advertising, branding, entertainment, public art, and trade show presentations.

Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – a leading event agency in London, specializing in event management services, incentive travel management, conference management & team building events. The company has successfully managed in achieving its goals in creating events that exceed expectations and adding value to their client’s businesses. In her role, her best dive is corporate event ideas and event management tips.

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