Control the Payment Experience for Your Customers on Your Website

control the payment experience on your website

In addition to releasing group pay last week, the update include additions to the Payments section of Project Settings.

We don’t tell you how to charge your clients, we just give you the tools you need to charge them on your terms.

Lower Your Payment Processing Costs by Using Service Fees

We’ve expanded our service fee settings so you can customize if, and how, you add service fees as part of the checkout experience.

credit card fees

As always, you can set a % to be added to each order, aka a service fee.

By default, this service fee applies only to credit card transactions, and not to check cards or debit cards.

You can toggle the “enable fees on check and debit cards” on to extend this service fee to those payment methods. The default is off, as we recommend providing a non-fee option.

The system will also show a message when a Credit Card number is entered that informs the user that to remove the service fee, they can use a debit card or check card instead. The text of this message can be customized by you!

The goal here is to create flows in the system that lower your processing fees by encouraging payments with lower fees, without compromising your ability to get paid on time!

Control Which Credit Cards Are Accepted

Controlling your costs is important, so we wanted to provide options for which higher fee and reward cards you allow your users to pay with.

You can now toggle on/off whether your system will accept Diners, AMEX, and Discover cards.

allowed credit cards

Read more about these updates here.

Cancel Payments Before They’re Captured

The flexibility in managing refunds and cancellations is so important, especially now.

While processing electronic refunds has always been a tool in Regpack, we’ve added functionality that allows you to cancel a payment BEFORE it processes, within 24 hours of the payment being made.

If you, or a user, makes a payment in your project, you have the option to cancel it in the back end.

cancel authorized payment

If you cancel a payment in the first 24 hours before it processes, no processing fees will be assessed.

In contrast, you can also speed up the payment capture process by heading to the user’s payment tab and clicking “Capture Payment Now” to process the payment before the 24 hours is up.

capture authorized payment

Read more about cancelling and capturing authorized payments here.

Our goal at Regpack is to provide the solutions you need to manage your payments productively, ensuring flexibility for you and a seamless experience for your users as well.

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