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Regpack Growth in Numbers: 2018 Edition

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Every year, I love to look back on the previous year and see how much we’ve grown.

We work hard every year focused on building out new features for clients that will help them grow their revenue and boost their enrollment.

It’s easy to focus on all the details and forget to appreciate the amazing things our 6,000+ clients are doing every year!

Payment Processing 

In 2018, we processed for Regpack clients over $272 million dollars!

That’s almost $75,000 per day!

That is a crazy awesome number!

Our automatic billing and payment plan features play a huge role in this.

Automating the billing process for applicants ensures that our clients spend less time taking and processing payments, and more time on other pressing tasks.

Our clients have seen a 75% decrease in their non-payment rate when using the automatic billing feature.

Registrations Processed

In 2018, Regpack helped our clients register over 8 million applicants.

That’s over 20,000 people a day!

We’d like to credit all the features that work together to make registration seamless and easy to use.

Our conditional logic engine allows for every applicant to follow a unique registration path.

Not only does this customize the process for the applicant, it helps to ensure registration is completed in less than 2 sessions, and with an increase of over 25% completed applications.

Our automated email tools ensure that as an applicant moves through the process, they are alerted via email. So whether that is completing a form, making a payment, or reaching the next stage of the application, the whole process is seamless for the user and organized for our clients.

What’s Next?

Considering we’ve almost tripled our processing and doubled the number of registrations processed since 2016, we are super excited for the growth we’ve seen and will see when we look back at 2019!

In addition to the 500+ feature updates we made to the Regpack product in 2018, we are expecting an exciting 2019 full of new features and updates that will allow clients to process faster, register more and manage more efficiently!

We are rolling out a full back end redesign in early 2019, that includes upgraded functionality to our admin interface.

Reporting will work even better, viewing user information will be faster than ever, and we’re introducing tools that will allow teams to work together better.


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