Regpack vs Campwise: Which Camp Software Is Right for Your Organization?

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When in the market for a management software for camps, deciding which software is the best match for your camp can be daunting. Which camp software is right for you? Which is the best fit for addressing your needs?

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A full comparison of the most popular camp registration systems can be found here. The chart compares a list of commonly sought after features and which companies offer which ability. This post looks specifically at Regpack vs Campwise.

Keep in mind, just because you think you need a specific feature that will solve a certain problem, doesn’t mean that software isn’t able to offer you a different or better solution.

Finding a software that knows the camp business and understands how your process works is key, since this knowledge can help them showcase which features of their software might help you solve the problems you are experiencing.

Check out this chart detailing all our camp management software reviews in one easy box.

This post will look specifically at Campwise vs. Regpack and the camp registration software they each offer.

Below is a side by side comparison Regpack vs. Campwise, including other popular camp registration software on the market today. The features compared include pricing, family registration, payments, automated email and communication and reporting tools.

Compare camp registration software Regpack and Campwise.

Comparison Overview

Generally, Campwise and Regpack offer similar features, though the cost of Campwise is higher than Regpack.

Regpack on the other hand, does not offer a comprehensive camp store like Campwise does. Regpack has the ability to add products and to group products into categories, which parents can add to their cart and pay for along with session fees. Examples of products include t-shirts and other camp gear.

What’s the difference between Regpack and Campwise? How can I choose which is the best fit?

Before comparing any software, first sit down and make a list of what you NEED from a system.

You can also add what you’d like, but make sure you prioritize needs vs. wants. Then, when you’ve narrowed down the field a bit, ask the companies who interest you for a demo. This will allow you to see the software in action and ask specific questions based on what you’ve seen.

Be sure to tell your rep what your needs are, and what features of their software they think will solve those problems and address those needs.

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Be sure to also ask:

  1. What is the cost of the system? Setup fees? Other upfront costs? Costs monthly, yearly?
  2. Is the contract – monthly or yearly? Camps usually don’t need access to their system every day of the year, so having a software that lets you pay when you need it, and not when you don’t, is budget friendly!

Top Camp Software Feature: Embedded Registration on Your Website

Read reviews of camp management software to make sure you can embed the process into your own site.

Campwise does not offer an embedded option, Regpack does.

Embedded just means that your forms are directly on your website, instead of on a 3rd party (the camp software) website. This is great for a few reasons:

  1. It keeps branding and design consistent.
  2. Embedding makes your process and camp seem more trustworthy since you aren’t sending them away from registration of sensitive info and payments.
  3. It is easier!

Regpack has found that over 25% of people will abandon a registration process when redirected to a 3rd party website. That means embedded registration can increase your enrollment rate!

Pricing Comparison: Regpack vs Campwise

Read our camp management software reviews to compare prices.

Campwise does not publish their pricing online. This generally, but not always, is an indicator that the pricing is not affordable.

Regpack’s pricing can be found on their website: Regpack rates start at $89 / month.

Top Camp Software Decision: Contracts or No Contracts

Check out these reviews to find a camp management software with the right contract structure for you.

Another big consideration for all camps is whether or not they need a camp software 12 months out of the year or not. If the answer is “not”, then finding a software that offers month to month contracts can save a lot of money! Run away from any software that requires you sign on the dotted line for a minimum of 12 months.

You can use your camp software year round, so if an annual plan offers a lower monthly rate, it can be worth it. Many camps use their software for lead management, staff applications and generally as a sales platform in the offseason.

Top Camp Registration Feature: Conditional Logic

Choose a camp management software with good registration reviews.

Conditional logic sounds fancy, but it really just means that your form will flow according to logic you set up. For example, if you have sessions that are only for a certain age group, you can first ask the age of the camper in your registration form, and based on the answer, only the sessions they are eligible will appear.

While most camp registration software offer this as a basic ability, Regpack takes this to another level, allowing you to apply conditional logic to ANY data point in your system, including products, payment plans, forms, and more. You can also stack conditions with Regpack to make filtering and finding the exact data you need simple.

This is a great feature to have for any sized camp to make registration, payments, email communication and more automated and streamlined.

Conclusion: Choosing the right camp software.

Again, the most important thing is to know ahead of time what you really NEED from a system and what your budget is.

Then, take that list and do some demos and really learn what’s out there and which software seems to address the majority, if not all, of your needs. Make sure you know the difference between cost vs the price of a system to best evaluate the true cost of each of your options, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you’re still looking for other camp suggestions, head over to our comprehensive guide to summer camp management software options and read through our thoughts.

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