Summer Camp Mobile Apps: A Guide

summer camp mobile app can ease communication stress with parents.

Apps are becoming the most popular and effective communication tool for summer camps and youth development programs. They help these organizations become more customer-centric by providing a personalized in-app experience for camp families.

With well-designed camp apps, camp families can customize their settings to see what is relevant to their children.

However, developing a quality custom app can cost over $50,000- out of reach for the majority of small businesses and non-profit organizations. So how do you stay competitive? 

Looking for the best camp registration software?

A level playing field for your small business.

Think about companies such as Survey Monkey, DropBox, Zoom, etc. Twenty years ago such online services and tools were only available to enterprise level corporations.

Today Software-as-a-Service* (SaaS) platforms allow small businesses and organizations a level playing field with the big corporations with affordable subscription pricing.

The same shift is happening with mobile technology.

Companies like 1218 App Team offer options for businesses that share a common need, such as auxiliary programs and summer camps.

Imagine a customizable, affordable mobile solution that will empower your organizations to connect with your “community” on the most valuable channel of all – their mobile device. It’s a game changer!

Reasons to Use a Summer Camp Mobile App 

SaaS platforms like myCAMPapp® offer a turnkey mobile solution for camps of all sizes.

Camps get full control of all their app content. And with affordable and flexible subscription rates starting at only $150/month, the investment returns value for any size camp. Unlike other solutions, myCAMPapp is compatible to work alongside any camp management software, and that makes life even easier!

Camp App Features

myCAMPapp is designed to make communication with parents an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Here are five tips on how you can achieve this with your camp app:

  1. Personalized experiences: Apps are popular because you can customize your experience. You should be able to tailor your app content to each app user. When people get information they want, they pay attention and they stay engaged.
  2. Reminders, updates, and alerts: So many things going on before and during camp — parents lose track. Deadlines are missed, paperwork is late, and little Kylie has left her Wonder Woman costume at home on Superhero Day — disaster! Your app should include a system to send targeted push notifications.
  3. Say “cheese!” Everyone loves to browse and share photos from their mobile phones. This is a must-have feature for your camp’s app. Parents should be able to view, save, and share camp photos right from your app.
  4. What, when, and where? Publish your camp calendar in your app. Let parents, campers, and staff easily access your latest schedule of activities, lunch menus, bus routes, etc. — anytime, anywhere.
  5. “Hello, Houston.” If a parent needs to email the camp director or call about attendance, make it easy. One-touch call and email links in the app allow parents to reach the right staff member every time.

These features keep parents comprehensively informed without exhausting your camps’ resources.

Level up your game!

By tailoring the work they do to specific industries, specialty app developers like myCAMPapp can offer affordable rates and faster services.

So what are you waiting for? You too could level up your game with an app for your small business and play in the big league!

Looking for a custom app for your summer camp or auxiliary program?

For more information, contact Alexandra at


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