Summing it up: Regpack’s How-To Registration Email Series

We recently presented the following 4 posts in a “How-To Registration Email Series” on email communication with your applicants and registrants and using automated online registration software to effectively communicate via email.

We hope these posts have helped, and we wanted to round up all the posts in one place so you can easily access all the great deadline email templates and advice on communicating with your applicants and registrants with acknowledgement emails!


Post Registration Emails

The first thing that usually happens when an applicant begins or completes an application in your online registration software is they receive an email. This email should thank them for registering, give them the assurance that their application and work they just submitted was received, call attention to any outstanding forms or payments they much complete, and provide any links or additional information so they can access their account and be aware of important dates and deadlines.

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Writing a Great Post Registration Email


Incomplete Registration Emails

After you’ve sent a great post registration email, you may have to follow up with a portion of your applicants who are nearing the registration deadline and still haven’t completed registration. If they are just missing payments, see the two posts after this one. However, if they are also missing key forms from their application, then sending out a reminder to complete registration is imperative.

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Writing a Great Incomplete Registration Email…


Payment Acknowledgement Emails

Once an application makes a payment online via an online registration software including an integrated payment system, you MUST send them an email acknowledging the payment. This not only acts a receipt but also a notice to the applicant that the action they just completed (a payment) went through successfully. This is common practice in any online shop or buying scenario so the same logic should extend to your programs. Just because a user hits ‘submit’ when they make a payment through their online account, doesn’t mean it went through. Sending a confirmation email is not only professional, it’s easy with an automated system!

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Writing a Great Payment Acknowledgement Email


Payment Request Emails

If all of these great emails haven’t helped to nudge some of the payment stragglers, you need to send a payment reminder or payment request email. In most cases, people just don’t prioritize getting payments done. Who wants to pay if they can put it off! While the issue is usually just because people procrastinate some people also don’t pay because they have some lingering questions about their account or are confused about how much they owe. A GREAT payment request email will hopefully answer all of their questions. So you can just hit ‘send’ and the registrants will do the rest!

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Writing a Great Payment Request Email…

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