Create a product, name it, add a price.

And that's it!

session selection

Registration isn’t just signing up for one session and done. There are tons of add-on’s you require – merchandise, early morning care or after care options, extra meals or events, and more.

With Regpack, easily manage and charge for all that you offer! Add on selections come with many automatic features: including making the product available on a specific date, and having it expire and no longer show on another date. Easily create sales reports on add-on items for productive accounting, create quotas and waitlists for products, and customize discounts and early or late bird pricing as you need.

You can even create add-on selections specific to certain applicants, or limit the product to one per applicant. If you’ve created a quota for a product, you can even set the system to not show that product once it is no longer available to cut down on confusion and frustration of your applicants.

Their customer service is outstanding and they make you feel like everything is achievable!
Our camp registration is no simple process so I decided to make the jump to an online registration system. We have so many price points, discounts, and add ons that it made the process complicated but you would never know by how amazing Regpack has been!
Jennifer Lake
Vice President, CSA Martial Arts & Wellness School