Communication, on auto pilot.

Trigger-based communication.

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Regpack’s trigger-based communication center automates your emails and the information you provide. You just set the triggers and from then on your users will always feel like you are by their side to guide them from A-to-Z.


Regpack’s automated communication system is built directly into the platform, allowing you to filter the applicants and clients you wish to communicate with as well as update certain applicants as you make changes and updates to your projects. Regpack also automatically triggers emails to be sent to an applicant if a certain action is performed, such as updating their phone number or completing a form. For a new registrant, you may send a welcome email, or for an employee that is leaving, you may send an employee feedback survey.


Regpack comes with a user dashboard within the registration process that includes all their saved contact information, payments made, and balance due. The application wizard will guide the applicant to the specific forms they have yet to complete, present them their payment balance and methods of payment directly in the application. It will also include anything else you think is important for them to know, like message content, updated project information, and featured add-ons they might be interested in.


Filter Users Easily

The system enables you to filter applicants in any way you’d like. Create template emails and save them in the system, making bulk emailing even easier and less time-consuming. The emails are automatically personalized based on the information collected throughout the registration process, including contact information, project dates, and specific financial details like payments owed and payments received. If a user has an outstanding balance, the system will automatically trigger email notifications to remind them of this balance.


Set Email Reminders

You can also manually set email reminders to send when you need them to. The email can include important information like session dates, registration deadlines, payment balance, and important links to your site. Regpack is so smart that it knows when and how often you have communicated with your applicant; if you are sending out the same email twice, it will give you a warning notification beforehand. Streamline and improve your business processes with our automation tool.


Maximize Efficiency with Customer Communication Campaigns

Spend Less Time and Resources on Emails

Automate routine communications to free up valuable staff time. Let our system handle repetitive tasks so your team can focus on what truly matters. Include specific questions in your communications to engage users effectively.


Consistent and Error-Free Messages

Ensure accuracy and professionalism in every message sent. Our automated system delivers consistent communications, maintaining your brand’s integrity and trust.


Personalized Communication, at Scale

Tailor messages to individual needs effortlessly. Our system personalizes communications based on real time user data, making each interaction unique and relevant.


Enhance Your Customer Service

Instant Responses, Anytime

Provide immediate answers to your customers’ queries, 24/7. Our automation ensures that your clients are never left waiting.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Reduce operational costs with efficient automated communication. Investing in automation translates to long-term savings and increased ROI.


Scalable for Your Growing Needs

Easily adjust your communication strategies to align with your business growth. Our system scales with you, ensuring seamless communication at all stages.


Gain Insightful Data

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed choices with our comprehensive analytics. Understand your audience better and optimize your communication strategies effectively, making sure to use the appropriate communication stream for each message.

Minimize Human Error

Eliminate the risk of manual mistakes. Our automated system ensures accurate and timely communications, every time.

Round-the-Clock Operation

Reach your global audience without time constraints. Our system operates 24/7, ensuring your message is always on time, no matter the time zone.


Improve Customer Engagement

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Deliver timely, relevant information to boost customer satisfaction. Our automated communications make every customer feel valued and informed, a perfect marketing solution for today’s fast-paced world.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with industry standards. Our system is designed to adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, keeping your business communications safe and compliant.


Track Engagement Effortlessly

Monitor the effectiveness of your communications with our advanced tracking tools. Understand engagement patterns and refine your strategies for better results, including integration with social media platforms.


Ready to Transform Your Communication Process?

Contact Regpack today to learn how our automated communication solutions can benefit your business. Trust in a system that prioritizes security and compliance, supported by a customer support team that understands these complexities. With Regpack, you have a partner that values the safety and integrity of your data as much as you do.

Communicate with applicants easily!
While we can think of new applications daily, we currently use it to retrieve applications, track responses, communicate with students, and generate reports. This software makes our work and services we provide more accessible, convenient, and efficient!
Anthony Crosson
Program Manager, MGH Youth Scholars Program