Easily port over your data from a previous system,

including copied projects for a new registration season!

Clients with a large amount of data seeking to import their data in bulk, may consider this service. There are three different types of information that can be uploaded from an external database.

A Regpack Project Manager will provide an Information Upload Request Submission Form, which is a .csv/.xls spreadsheet that serves as a template.

Clients will complete the spreadsheet with the requested information to be uploaded.

The type of data you will need to provide on the Information Upload Request Submission Form will depend on the Upload Type you are requesting. You can request upload of user information, schedule units and products.

Internal Regpack Data

You can also port over data from an existing Regpack system into a new system. For example, 2017 Registration into 2018 Registration. Regpack gives you the power to port over user data, reports, products, and more with just 1 click!

Year to year, applicants won’t have to reenter their data, which makes their registration experience easy!

I would recommend Regpack to anyone.
The Regpack staff will get you set up quickly and build your form/database project to your needs. They are very good at interpreting your ideas into something tangible. I'm very pleased with the service I have received.
C. Carlson
Partner, MMG LLC