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regpack automatic updates

We are constantly working to make Regpack better. This means anytime we develop a new feature, we automatically update it to all clients, for free.

Regpack is constantly updating and improving. We develop new features that make your lives easier all the time.

Not only do we come up with innovative ideas on our own, we thrive on your feedback and act on it. Regpack was made for you by people just like you, with the same problems and the same challenges. It is developed by listening to what you want and developing solutions to fit your needs.

You will always be updated with the latest version with all the cutting edge features we are constantly developing.

We believe everyone should get full access to all the new features we put out, as soon as they are available. We do not block or disable anything. The tools we have created are awesome and we want you to enjoy them!

Their customer service is outstanding and they make you feel like everything is achievable!
Our camp registration is no simple process so I decided to make the jump to an online registration system. We have so many price points, discounts, and add ons that it made the process complicated but you would never know by how amazing Regpack has been!
Jennifer Lake
Vice President, CSA Martial Arts & Wellness School