The Options Are Endless!

Attendee, vendor, speaker, staff, volunteer registration and beyond!

create multiple registration projects

Regpack is a solution for any number of business processes you need to automate. From application management to internal process control.

Many Regpack clients use multiple projects to manage many of their business automation needs.

Whether you need different databases for different registration  years, or want to setup different registration types for your event (VIP vs. Regular admission), create unlimited projects at Regpack meet your needs.

The most popular applications for Regpack are:

Many of our clients use Regpack for a variety of uses in their business. A camp, for example, will use one project for camper registration and another for staff applications and hiring. Learn one system, and use it for a multitude of business processes.

Regpack creates a database for you, to keep your data and payment information in one centralized location.

"We are getting that more unique experience for a more reasonable price."
We had a volunteer system that wasn’t super user friendly, but it worked. We were hoping to get something that was all centralized in one place. Regpack was one of the only ones that gave us the option to achieve data centralization.
Peggy Watson
Outreach and Education Coordinator